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Do this TODAY to stop the flu in fall

We’re approaching the middle of August, and you know what’s just around the corner: autumn… and everything that comes with it.

Or as I call it, pumpkin pies and a whole lotta lies!

The moment the calendar changes to fall… when you see the leaves and smell the baked goods… the mainstream starts in with nonsense about the flu.

“This year will be the worst one yet – so you’d better get your shot RIGHT NOW!”

But you don’t have to wait a month or so for this season’s serum to get the ULTIMATE protection from the flu.

You can get it TODAY — and all you have to do it get outside and enjoy the late-summer sun.

New research finds that when you get more sun in August and September, your risk of flu drops in the months that follow.

And if you do get sick, your symptoms are much less severe.

The study finds that states that get a lucky weather break in August and September and see more sunlight late in the season end up with fewer and less severe flu seasons later on.

That, no doubt, is the effect of the infection-busting, immune-boosting vitamin D your body makes from sun exposure.

Yep. The mainstream is telling you to avoid the sun. It’s urging you to shrink from it like a vampire. And it’s warning you to baste yourself in sunscreen if you step outside.

And whaddaya get for all that effort?

You get the flu!

Naturally, the people behind this study are being extra-extra-extra careful with their discovery.

They’re urging people not to quit the shot in favor of sunlight, instead telling people to double up and do both.

OF COURSE they are. They HAVE to!

If you talk bad about the flu shot, the mainstream runs you out of town on a rail.

Me? Let’s just say I live in the rails, because I’m not afraid to tell you what’s what. You DON’T have to get the shot… but you DO have to double up.

Just not in the way the mainstream wants you to.

Along with soaking up some sun here in the late summer, take a D supplement today and every day, especially as autumn dawns.

One study a few years back found that D supplements are EIGHT TIMES more effective than the flu shot at preventing illness.

Want even more protection? Work some vitamin C into the mix.

Along with preventing flu, you can also avoid the common cold and a host of other everyday infections

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