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How breast cancer surgeons LIE to women

Ladies, your breast cancer doc will ACT like he’s playing along.

He’ll PRETEND that he’s on board with the latest guidelines and recommendations.

He’ll REASSURE you that he knows that many cancers need minimal treatments – and will PROMISE that you’ll get the safest and least aggressive option out there.

What can I say? He could be lying through his teeth!

New research reveals the ugly truth about the “less aggressive” treatments for breast cancer.

They’re still MUCH too aggressive.

Docs have secretly been ripping out too many of your all-important lymph nodes, giving them bigger payments while patients suffer bigger risks.

See, when they operate “minimally,” they’re SUPPOSED to only pull out the lymph nodes closest to the tumor.

The rest are left alone. Well, they SHOULD be left alone.

But the new study reveals that docs are reaching into your nodes like incompetent electricians yanking out wiring from your circuit breaker.

They’re looney for lymphs… they’re nuts for those nodes… and they’re operating when you should be left alone.

When cancer is detected in just one or two of the “sentinel” nodes closest to the tumor, they’re supposed to remove just those nodes and no more during a lumpectomy.

Yank the rest out, especially around the armpits, and you can leave a gal battling pain, stiffness, and numbness down the arms on and off for the rest of her life.

But that’s EXACTLY what many docs are doing.

In the new study, half of all cancer docs admitted that they would yank out those extra nodes even if cancer was found in just a single sentinel node.

Hang on to your pits. This gets even worse.

When cancer is in two sentinel nodes, two-thirds of docs say to heck with the guidelines. They’re ripping out the rest during the lumpectomy.

It’s hardly just a lumpectomy anymore at that point.

It’s just a secret back door into the ugly world of over-treatment that enriches cancer docs at the expense of women’s lives.

If you have breast cancer or a loved one who does, make sure that they don’t pull this sneaky little trick on you. Find out WHAT they’re up to and WHY – and if doesn’t make sense… if your instincts tell you something’s up… make a pest of yourself and ask a whole lot of questions.

And if you don’t like the answers, get a second opinion ASAP.

Remember, you get a say in how you’re treated, since you’re the one who will have to live with the effects.

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