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What does this ‘milk’ really do to you?

You might want to mark this day on your calendar, because something’s about to happen that’s rarer than February blue moon.

I’ve got something GOOD to say about the FDA!

No, it’s not exactly changing course and protecting you from toxic drugs.

But at the very least, it’s taking a very small step toward protecting you from toxic marketing: The agency may BLOCK food companies from using misleading names like “soy milk” and “almond milk.”

The reason is pretty darned simple.

“An almond doesn’t lactate, I will confess,” FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb said at the recent Politico Pro Summit.

That’s right. It’s not milk. How hard is that?

As far as victories go, this is a minor one. I know that. And you might wonder why I’d even care.

Let soy milk put a little crown on the container and call itself the Queen of All Milks — it shouldn’t matter, right?

But it DOES matter.

This isn’t just about a dumb name on a label. It’s about what it implies. When someone sees “soy milk,” they think they’re getting mostly the same stuff that’s in real moo juice, minus the cow.

Even the “soy milk” labels scream with comparisons to milk with wild claims about calcium and protein.

That causes people to buy it and — GAG! — drink it under the dangerously mistaken belief that nasty, runny soy juice is as healthy as milk and maybe even better.

That’s a massive marketing lie.

First off, even when soy milk can claim that it has the same amount of protein as regular milk, it’s not the same quality. Milk contains all of the proteins you need, which is why studies show that it activates the process that helps build muscle.

Soy milk DOESN’T.

Second, soy milk drinkers think they’re getting the nutrients of milk without dairy fats. That’s true, but that’s NOT a benefit.

That’s a RISK!

Dairy fats aren’t bad for you. They’re good for you – and when you miss out by drinking low-fat milk and milk substitutes, you could actually face a HIGHER risk of heart attack and stroke.

Third, soy contains a plant form of estrogen. As far as your body’s concerned, it IS estrogen.

Every sip gives you a hormone boost that you don’t want or need.

In kids, that can lead to developmental problems. In women, that can increase the risk of breast cancer. And guys, two words: man boobs.

Don’t be fooled by the labels or the marketing. Soy milk not only ISN’T milk, but it’s not comparable to milk in any way, shape, or form.

And now, it looks like the FDA finally agrees!

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