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This one little a.m. trick could add years to your life

There it was in the supermarket just yesterday — on the shelf above the Chock full o’Nuts, and just below the Maxwell House.


Can you believe it???

There ought to be a law that they can’t sell this stuff until the first day of autumn… or at least not when the mercury is still hitting 90 on some days.

I’m not much of a pumpkin spice guy myself. Who needs the pumpkin – or the spice – when plain ol’ coffee will do the trick every time?

It won’t just perk you up. New research reveals how coffee (the real stuff, not the pumpkin) could add YEARS to your life!

Folks who drink coffee regularly are up to 15 percent less likely to drop dead too soon.

What’s too soon? It’s ALWAYS too soon!

In this case, the coffee seemed to help protect against just about EVERYTHING that’s trying to carry you off, including heart disease.

What makes the study even more remarkable is not only that it confirms what we’ve seen before… but it goes much further.

Many of the previous reports assumed the benefit was from the caffeine.

But the new study finds that decaf – heck, even INSTANT (blech!) – can help cut those risks.

Not the caffeine!

And the study didn’t stop there, either. It also looked at the genetics of the coffee drinkers and found that the folks who metabolize caffeine quickly also get the benefit.

If you burn through the caffeine fast, it’s unlikely to do much for you… so this is another sign that it’s NOT the octane that’s helping you out.

It’s something else, no doubt the potent antioxidants and heart-protecting nutrients (such as niacin) found in each mug of coffee.

Feel free to make that mug as big as you want: The more you drink, the bigger the life-extending benefits, according to the study.

“It’s hard to believe that something we enjoy so much could be good for us. Or at least not be bad,” Tufts University “expert” Alice Lichtenstein, who was not part of the study, told Medical Xpress.

Really? Why is this so hard to believe? When did we become so conditioned to assume that anything enjoyable has got to be bad for us?

Here’s the truth: Many of the “healthy” things you HATE – things you force on yourself (like bland low-fat foods) – AREN’T that good for you, while many of your “guilty” pleasures (such as coffee, moderate booze, and even saturated fats) are GOOD for you.

Maybe it’s time to STOP feeling so guilty… and START living a little!

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