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Hot summer? Here’s what to do about all that sweat

There are pills to knock you out… and pills to wake you up…

Drugs that are supposed to make you happy… but if you get TOO euphoric, take ANOTHER to bring you back down again.

Just about every normal human emotion, urge, instinct, or function is medicated into submission.

Today, they’ve EVEN found a way to DRUG your armpits!

The FDA just signed off on a topical drug called Qbrexza for a condition called primary axillary hyperhidrosis.

That’s a fancy way of saying “sweating.”

Sure, it refers to “excessive” sweating – a condition that supposedly makes millions of Americans’ armpits feel like Miami in August.

But you and I can read the tea leaves here: If it delivers as promised and stops swampy pits, millions more will be seeking this stuff out for the ease and convenience.

No more sweat, no more stink!

But no matter how much you sweat and stink up this summer, don’t be tempted to try this stuff yourself.

First off, the drug – like any – comes with side effects, including rashes, itching, and worse.

And second, it doesn’t just plug up your sweat glands. It’s also an anticholinergic drug, so it plugs up certain signals in your brain.

In this case, it short-circuits the part that tells your pits when it’s time to make it rain.

But believe me… you do NOT want to cross those signals up.

This class of medication – which is also used for everything from sleep to allergies – has been blamed for everything that could possibly go wrong, from dementia right on up to death, especially in older folks.

Yeah, don’t mess around with that.

Amazingly, this is just ONE of the latest cutting-edge sweat “cures.”

Some docs will Botox your pits… others will blast your sweat glands to smithereens… and one up-and-coming med will attack the proteins that feed the bacteria under your arms.

Imagine if they put this much effort into curing cancer! No one would ever die of the disease again.

Instead, they’re turning sweat into dollars by “curing” a condition that COULD and SHOULD be left alone.

You’re SUPPOSED to sweat, for crying out loud. It’s not ideal… and it doesn’t always feel great, especially here in July (when you can fill a bucket from your pits)… but it’s how your body regulates its temperature.

If you’re oozing too much, check your local health food store for natural options that’ll ease the sweat a little without choking off the whole process and screwing with your brain or body temperature.

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