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Former FDA chief admits: We screwed up your diet!

Has there EVER been a creature as clueless as a government official?

They’re dumber than dodos… and if you think I’m exaggerating, you need to see the latest news from the land of bureaucracy.

A former head of the FDA admitted that the feds have NO CLUE why so many people are so fat and sick.


“Something has led all of us to get bigger and bigger,” David Kessler, FDA commissioner for much of the 1990s, told The Washington Post. “It’s coming from what we eat and we don’t fully understand it.”

This was the guy at the top of the field. He lorded over much of the nation’s health and medical advice. And THIS is what he comes up with???

No wonder the country is so screwed up!

Just about the only accurate thing he said is an admission that the feds have botched the job completely.

“I think we have failed in giving nutritional advice to people,” he said.

Yeah. You bet you have!

But then he launched another beauty. “If diet and exercise were the answer, we’d all do it and there wouldn’t be a problem,” he said.

Is this guy for real?

That IS the problem. It’s the ENTIRE problem, summed up in one sentence. People are eating junk and then are parked on their derrières all day, a one-two punch that’s PROVEN to lead to weight gain, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.

But there’s a reason he won’t admit to the true cause of the problem: He helped to CAUSE it.

The FDA, CDC, NHS, and the rest of the alphabet soup have issued guidelines, bulletins, and pronouncement about how to keep healthy – but they’re not based on sound science.

These agencies have all been “captured” by the very industries they’re supposed to regulate.

This isn’t a conspiracy theory. Just look at the people in charge of these agencies. They come from the food and drug industries, and they return to the food and drug industries.

The Food and Drug Administration is practically bound and gagged – unable to tell you the TRUTH about both your food and your drugs!

But ol’ Jack isn’t afraid.

If you REALLY want to lose weight and avoid disease, ignore conflicted government guidelines… give up all mass-produced processed foods… and stick to a healthy low-carb diet.

You don’t need “exercise” in the gym sense, but you do need to keep on your feet with normal movements throughout the day.

I’m not done with food and what to eat – or what NOT to eat – just yet.

I’ve got one place where you NEVER want to dine coming up later today. Keep an eye on your email… it just might save you from a belly-rotting, life-wrecking illness!

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