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The dirty truth about your burgers, pork chops, and chicken

Every now and then, I read a daffy report about how we’ll all be eating bugs in the not-too-distant future.

Gross? Yup… but not nearly as gross as what I’m about to tell you now.

Fair warning: If you’re eating at the moment, you may want to put it down while you read this letter.

It’s about to get stomach-turning.

Eating bugs ISN’T the future… because you’re ALREADY eating them RIGHT NOW!

Not just any old bugs, either. Crickets and grasshoppers are nothing next to what you’re unwittingly shoveling down your own gullet, as a new report shows how you’re eating bacteria — including sickening germs known to cause major infections.

Worst of all, you’re eating SUPERBUGS!

The new report from Environmental Working Group finds that supermarket meat is absolutely crawling with filthy little monsters, including many that can’t be treated with conventional antibiotics.

It found a rogues’ gallery of the worst-of-the-worst germs, including fecal bugs.

Yes, that means there’s POOP BACTERIA in your food! (I warned you this was gonna get gross.)

The study found drug-resistant germs on 79 percent of supermarket ground turkey… 71 percent of pork chops… 62 percent of ground beef… and 36 percent of chicken breasts, wings, and thighs.

Maybe that sounds unlikely. If all these bugs are in our food, why aren’t more people getting sick?

First off, people ARE getting sick. They’re getting sick like crazy. Infections are up across the board, especially in older folks and other people with weaker immune systems.

You just don’t hear much about it, since many of those illnesses are milder. That day or two of diarrhea that made you miserable but didn’t require a doctor visit? There’s a fair chance that was from a germ in your food.

Ditto for “stomach flu” and general “must’ve been something I ate” issues. Yeah, it was something you ate all right.

More accurately, it was something you didn’t KNOW you ate.

And second, the reason outbreaks aren’t even more common is that many of the bugs are killed during cooking. As these germs get more common, we’ll reach the point where you’ll need to overcook your food just to kill everything in it.

One hockey puck, coming up!

There is one simple way to cut your risk, and that’s to avoid the stuff on sale at your supermarket. It’s so cheap because it comes from filthy factory farms, which are now practically superbug breeding facilities due to the widespread use of antibiotics.

Buy organic meats from small and local farms instead. It won’t eliminate the risk, but it’ll cut it down dramatically… and you’ll enjoy better food, too.

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