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Cancer? You may try to be SAFE… but wind up SORRY!

The over-testing and over-treatment of cancer has earned the industry TRILLIONS over the years.

It’s made big money marketing screenings no one needs… biopsies that can CAUSE infections rather than detect disease… and treatments for tumors that don’t need to be treated.

But it’s been BUSTED. The truth is OUT, as even mainstream “experts” now admit that they’ve overdone it.

So, who are they blaming for all this over-testing and over-treatment?


A new study claims that Americans actually LIKE being poked, prodded, zapped, and screened even when straight-up told that it won’t help.

Half of all Americans say they’ll still opt for a screening for breast or prostate cancer even when researchers say they should assume it WON’T prevent death and WON’T extend life.

In a second experiment, a third of all volunteers said they’d get those screenings even when told that not only is there no benefit… but that it could actually hurt them.

This sounds fishy to me.

Sure enough, it wasn’t a true study of people given information before making an actual decision about screening.

It was a HYPOTHETICAL online survey: people sat at a laptop and banged out the answers, knowing there would be no real-world ramifications. Maybe they were even thinking they’d be helpful by giving doctors the answers they’d want.

If you REALLY wanted to test this, you’d give patients that information – ALL of that information – in a clinic BEFORE they considered a cancer screening. You wouldn’t just communicate the lack of benefit and the risks… you’d go even further.

You’d tell them about the nightmare cycle of anxiety, biopsies, follow-up appointments, and more — all for a possible cancer that could be completely harmless.

In the real world, no one in his or her right mind would play along with stakes like that.

Sure, there might be some exceptions. There might be indications that you have a more aggressive form of cancer or are at risk for it. There could be genetic risk and other factors.

But blindly tossing everyone into the screening machine only leads to what we’ve seen over the past couple of decades: Millions don’t survive cancer.

They survived unnecessary tests and treatments!

Don’t get bullied into this machine yourself. Inform yourself… make your own decisions… and get a naturopathic physician who can help guide you through the maze and get you out the other side in one piece.

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