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The SECRET cause of cataracts… exposed!

Here comes the pitch!

No, it’s not baseball. It’s surgery, as a new report makes a pitch for cataract procedures.

And if you have cataracts yourself, the study claims that you need the surgery ASAP to stop yourself from becoming a highway hazard.

Supposedly, your risk of a car crash drops by almost 10 percent a day or two after your surgery, when your vision returns to normal.

True? I don’t doubt it.

Only Mr. Magoo can get away with driving blind. The rest of us need good eyesight to be good drivers.

But let’s talk for a minute about HOW those cataracts form in the first place. Your doc will tell you it’s age, and that’s certainly part of the picture. Getting older is a major risk factor for cataracts, with the odds jumping higher every year.

However, there’s been an explosion in cataracts in recent years – and age alone can’t explain it.

It’s MEDS.

Some common drugs are known to cause or speed up cataracts, including one of the most popular medications on the planet today: statins.

Those cholesterol meds can raise your risk of cataracts by 27 percent.

Corticosteroids, especially with long-term use, can also bump up the odds, as can potassium-sparing diuretics, phenothiazine antipsychotics, and the cancer treatment busulfan.

Neat trick, right? Docs cause the problem with aggressive over-prescribing (especially steroids and statins), and other docs fix it.

Everyone gets paid… everyone’s a winner.

Except you. You’re bouncing from one doc to the next in a never-ending cycle of sickness CAUSED by your care.

If you’re on these drugs, there’s often a way off, especially when it comes to statins. Almost no one needs those meds in the first place!

On the meds already? It’s not too late at act! Lutein and zeaxanthin supplements can help stop the damage and maybe even prevent the cataract (or at least slow the thing down).

If you already have cataracts, of course go out and get them fixed. Who wants to get injured – or die – in a car wreck??? Not me, and not you.

Just be aware that surgery is no longer your only option, even if your surgeon is pressuring you into it (he doesn’t get paid NOT to operate).

There are eye drops that can reduce, slow, stop, and even completely reverse cataracts. Do some poking around and figure out the best option for you before you commit to having your eyeballs sliced open.

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