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Expensive drug pushed on seniors… but it DOESN’T work better!

It’s the BIGGEST drug industry scandal you haven’t heard of.

Not yet.

But you will – soon – as an explosive new report exposes the ugly truth about a $2 billion scam.

And it’s one they could try to pull on YOU!

CNN reports that the cheap old drug Acthar Gel was snapped up by one drug company, then another. Over the past few years, the price for a vial skyrocketed from $40 to almost $40,000 a pop.

That’s not even the biggest part of the swindle.

The drug company has been paying off doctors to talk it up and prescribe it like crazy. It spent nearly $27.5 million on docs to “consult” and “speak” on the drug between 2013 and 2016.

And it paid off in a big way: Sales shot through the roof. And if you think that’s bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet – because that’s STILL not the ugliest part of this scandal!

The drug is SUPPOSED to be for infant seizures, a fairly uncommon condition that’s not going to generate many sales no matter how many doctors you buy off.

So, the company’s expanded the market, getting docs to pump out off-label prescriptions to seniors for everything from rheumatoid arthritis to multiple sclerosis and more — despite ZERO evidence that the drug works any better than cheap generic steroids.

One study in JAMA last year even found Acthar won’t do zip for ANY adult condition at all!

But it’ll do plenty for Big Phama’s bank account.

By comparison, a single course of prednisone treatment is $7.50. Three vials of Acthar run a jaw-dropping $117,000, which adds up FAST. Medicare spent close to $2 billion on Acthar Gel between 2011 and 2016, according to CNN.

And the lion’s share of those prescriptions? You guessed it. They’re from those doctors I mentioned earlier — the ones who were PAID to talk up the drug.

It’s SICK… it’s OUTRAGEOUS… and people should go to PRISON over this.

Instead, you can bet that they’re going to be rewarded.

Docs will continue to roll in Big Pharma dollars, treating themselves to fancy cars and heated pools, and Big Pharma fatcats will collect massive bonuses for a job well done.

You get stuck with the bill.

It’s time to stand up and yell “ENOUGH!” as loud as you can. If your doc is pushing you on ANY med at all, DEMAND to see the evidence.

More importantly, ask about your other options, especially safe, effective, inexpensive and completely natural non-drug therapies. Just remember: Docs generally aren’t paid to talk about them, so you have to ask first.

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