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Natural sleep aid won’t make you do something you regret

So, Roseanne Barr makes a terrible joke on Twitter… and the world loses its collective mind.

What a time to be alive!

I’m not going to get into what was right or wrong… if she should still have a show… and all of that other nonsense. As far as I’m concerned, TV’s a wasteland, and we’d all be better off if we hit the “OFF” button on the remote control.

But I do want to get into part of her explanation that’s being torn to pieces by her critics.

She claims she sent off her messages on Twitter while taking the sleep medication zolpidem (a.k.a. Ambien).

People accused her of ducking responsibility by blaming the med, and the company that makes the drug even released a holier-than-thou statement claiming that racism is “not a known side effect” of any of its treatments.


No one’s saying racism is a “side effect,” but it’s pretty darned clear that people can do some screwy things while on Big Pharma’s mind-scrambling meds, especially the sedatives and hypnotics taken for sleep struggles.

This drug in particular is known for triggering sleepwalking behavior that can only be described as bizarre. Some people have reported getting up, eating, going out, driving around, meeting others, and more… all while technically asleep.

The next day, some have only the vaguest idea of what they did – and some have NO MEMORY at all!

Compared to all of that, firing off some absurd messages on Twitter hardly seems that unusual.

Don’t be like Roseanne.

If you have sleep problems, don’t turn to zolpidem or any other sleep drug. They ALL come with big risks and only the tiniest slivers of benefits.

In many cases, your total increase in sleep time is just 20 minutes, and it’s often less. Odds are, it won’t be quality sleep, either, especially if you wake up in a daze to send out messages on Twitter.

You’ve got better options, including one of the most natural sleep aids of all.

Your body uses the hormone melatonin to know when it’s time to shut down. As you get older, your melatonin levels sink – and you end up unable to get the rest you need even when you’re tired.

Natural melatonin supplements can replace what you’ve lost, and new forms such as liquid melatonin are more effective than ever.

Not only will it help you sleep better… but you won’t wake up in the night and write something online that’ll come back and bite you in the butt the next day.

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