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Are you among the 11 million new drug targets?

They’re at it again, pushing MORE meds on people who DON’T need them.

And this time, they could be targeting YOU!

A new report attempts to put the screws to the older folks with blood pressure on the higher end of what was normal until last year.

In November, the guidelines changed. High BP used to begin at 140/90, then – overnight – anyone over 130/80 had the “disease.”

Suddenly, nearly HALF of all American adults were diagnosed with hypertension — and according to the new guidelines, 1 in 3 Americans now need drugs for it.

Even many in the mainstream have been resisting these ugly new marching orders, so the new report is trying to push them along.

It claims that giving meds to all of these new patients will save 156,000 lives every year.

Let’s do a little math to see how absurd this claim is.

Those 156,000 “saved” lives will have to come from the newly diagnosed patients – the 11 million Americans who have only slightly high blood pressure but are now supposed to be given drugs.

That’s 1 in 5… 20 percent… of all heart and stroke deaths WIPED OUT… by treating roughly 3 percent of the population… people who were never even recognized as “sick” until now.

They had NORMAL blood pressure by every measure until the guidelines changed a few months ago.

Somehow, this hidden “gray” zone was hiding 20 percent of all heart and stroke deaths?

Do you believe that? OF COURSE you don’t. No one does, and even that’s a rosy number.

No treatment in the world will prevent EVERY death in any given risk group. Even the mainstream will admit that. Some people will have a heart attack or stroke no matter what you do.

When your number’s up, it’s up, right?

So, the 156,000 are just the ones you managed to save. Other people in this group will die anyway – which means that this tiny, untreated sliver of the population is actually responsible for MORE than 20 percent of all heart and stroke deaths.

Again, that’s if you believe this hooey, which I don’t.

Instead of saving lives, treating all of these people will lead to more injuries from falls – a major side effect of the meds – not to mention memory loss, kidney problems, and more.

In most cases, if your BP is a little on the high side, you’ve got no worries.

If it jumps suddenly, your problem isn’t figuring out which pill to take — it’s figuring out what’s causing it.

Work with a naturopathic physician who can help find that cause and the best way to fix it.

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