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Why you should sleep in tomorrow

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I want you to do a couple of things this evening to get ready for your weekend.

Turn off the alarm clock and your phone.

Close the windows, drop the shades, and put up blackout curtains if you have them.

Consider earplugs and an eye mask if you’re into that.

Turn on the AC to keep the room cool and at your perfect sleep temperature if you need it, then turn out the lights, turn off your mind, and let sleep take over.

Sleep in tomorrow… sleep as long as you need to… and sleep as if you’re making up for lost time.

Because, as new research shows, you ARE!

If you miss out on sleep most of the week, you could face a higher risk of just about everything. From heart disease to brain disorders to death… you name it, it’s been linked to short sleep.

Now, OF COURSE you should make an effort to get what you need every night.

But if you miss out – let’s face it, many of us do – the new study finds that getting some extra shuteye on the weekends can help you reverse the damage of short sleep and save your bacon.

In the new study, researchers found just what they expected… at first.

Over the long haul, people who sleep too little – folks who routinely get five hours of sleep per night or less – are more likely to end up in that permanent sleep.

They’re 65 percent more likely to die!

But there was one BIG exception to that rule: Folks who fall short during the week and “catch up” on the weekends.

That extra weekend sleep did the trick, wiping out the risk.

Most of the folks in the study were younger, and the effects started to vanish with age. That could be because of the smaller number of older folks in the study, or maybe because they were less likely to miss sleep on weekdays in the first place (retirement has its benefits).

In any case, the message from this and other studies – including research on seniors – is clear.

Missing out on sleep is bad for your health, including both heart and mind. But if you DO miss out, you can often reduce or even eliminate the risk with some make-up sleep on the weekends.

Need a little more help? Try some melatonin. The “sleep hormone” often runs low in older folks.

Topping off with a supplement can help you get the rest you need so you feel better… and as the new study shows, maybe even live longer.

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