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Swollen prostate? Don’t do THIS

Guys, they know that there are some things you just won’t ignore.

You might tune out hearing loss (say what?). You could turn a (literal) blind eye to fading vision. And you might even forget all about your memory problems (what was I worried about again?).

But a problem “down there” will sure get your attention every time!

When your prostate starts to swell like an overripe summer melon, you end up suffering in ways that’ll make you squirm just thinking about it.

Sometimes, you can’t pee. When it does come out, the color will make you wish it didn’t.

There’s pain, “burn,” and more.

Think that’s bad? It can also hurt that other time when you need to use it. You can have pain when you “do it,” so you can bet that a new study claiming to find a better, faster, easier way to get relief from a swollen prostate is already getting attention.

Most guys with prostatitis are treated with antibiotics. Since it’s often caused by bacteria, that makes perfect sense.

The new study claims that if you add a little Cialis to the mix, you can get even better results by nearly every measure — including the ones that freak you out so much.

Compared to taking antibiotics alone, guys who get antibiotics mixed with this infamous “dysfunction” drug have better scores on pain, urinary symptoms, and overall prostate symptoms.

But don’t ask your doctor about this one yet.

This study leaves out a critical piece of information!

Pretty much the SAME study was done a few years back. It tested antibiotics alone and antibiotics with something else in guys with prostatitis.

But in that one, the “something else” wasn’t Cialis.


It was something simpler, cheaper, safer, and easier to get.

That one tested saw palmetto instead.

And if you want to see REAL results, that’s the one you want to check out, because the saw palmetto mixed with the antibiotics didn’t just beat taking the drug alone.

It ran CIRCLES around the numbers in the new study, too!

Guys who took saw palmetto had bigger and more dramatic reductions in overall symptoms and pain… and better results in urinary scores.

It also won by one other critical measure.

In the new study, there were almost no differences in quality of life between the guys on antibiotics who got the Cialis and the ones who didn’t.

But in the older study, antibiotics mixed with saw palmetto led to dramatic improvements when compared to the drugs alone.

Why mess around with extra meds when you can get those results with a safe and drug-free option instead?

So, let me rephrase those endless commercials.

Don’t “ask your doctor about Cialis.” Ask about saw palmetto!

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