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A sip of this a day will keep cancer away

Guys, no matter what you love, some nitpicker is going to come along and try to ruin it for you.

Don’t eat this… don’t drink that… everything worth doing will either give you cancer or kill you.

Well, friend, I’ve got a nit they can’t pick.

You’ve seen the headlines. You’ve heard the nags. You’ve watched the rolling eyeballs and listened to the endless lectures: BOOZE will give you CANCER!

It’s one of their absolute favorite ways to ruin your day.

But new research shows that it’s just not true.

Some types of booze not only WON’T cause cancer… but will PREVENT it!

The key is in the powerful cancer-fighting polyphenols loaded in red wine.

The red stuff contains 10 times the levels of those nutrients as white wine – in some cases, even more. Every sip gives your body a powerful boost, wiping out the dangerous cells that could form a tumor.

As a result, a moderate habit will cut your risk of prostate cancer by 12 percent.

Not bad for something you ENJOY… and better still when you get to rub this study in the face of the naysayers who tell you not to drink.

That’s not even the best of the news.

Some studies have shown that you can get even BIGGER protection.

A major study published in 2007 found that just four to seven glasses of red wine per week will cut the risk of prostate cancer in half, and this one gets even better.

As you know, most prostate cancers are totally harmless. But some are stone-cold killers.

That study found that red wine is especially protective against those rarer deadly tumors.

There’s a downside here. It’s a small one, but it’s there: Some things really CAN give you cancer, and the new study claims that too much white wine might be one of them.

This doesn’t mean that drinking white is a death sentence. If you drink it from time to time, it shouldn’t boost your odds much at all.

But if you have to choose one over the other as a go-to drink, go to red.

The same nutrients that help turn it into such a potent cancer-fighter can help you in other ways, too. Those powerful polyphenols can also boost your brain, flush out your arteries, protect your heart, prevent a stroke, and more.

With all of those benefits, it’s no surprise that studies find that red wine can help you live longer, too!

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