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The deadly drug sequel that could be ‘coming soon’

You know that final scene in a thriller. In the last moments… just before the credits… the vanquished killer’s seemingly lifeless body twitches just a little.

Yep, there’s gonna be a sequel.

Well, friend, life is about to imitate art.

A drug with a bigger body count than just about any movie villain is twitching.

We may be getting a Vioxx sequel!

This deadly painkiller was dumped more than a decade ago when it came out that it was killing more than just pain.

It was killing PEOPLE by increasing the risk of serious and deadly heart events.

The feds eventually estimated that as many as 55,000 people DIED because of heart attacks and strokes triggered by the drug.

Some experts think that’s a conservative number. The true toll could be higher.

The latest plot aims to exploit a loophole in drug regulations. A new company is trying to slip rofecoxib – better known as that deadly Vioxx – into the system as an “orphan” drug.

This is a special category designed to help slash the cost of bringing drugs to market that would be too expensive otherwise, especially meds for rare diseases.

It’s supposed to HELP those who need it most: desperate patients who have few treatment options.

Instead, it could be used to help pad a drug company’s bottom line!

The new company behind rofecoxib claims that the drug deserves orphan status because instead of aiming it at ALL arthritis patients, as happened before, it will now be geared toward hemophiliacs with arthritis.

In theory, that means that the new drug – which would no doubt have a new name – would have a much more limited scope.

But you know how well “theory” pans out in reality.

It doesn’t!

Once a drug is approved for ANY reason, docs can prescribe it — and patients can take it — for EVERY reason. It’s called off-label use, and some drugs such as pain pills and mood meds are used more “off” than “on.”

There’s no doubt that some docs would start dishing out Vioxx all over again to anyone with an ache. We’d be right back to square one with more people dying for no reason.

It might have a new name, but it would be Vioxx II, the deadly sequel no one wanted… and no one needed.

If you have arthritis, you have better options than drugs, and that’s true whether you have hemophilia or any other complicating condition.

Don’t wait around on this orphan drug.

Work closely with an experienced naturopathic medical doctor who can deliver the relief without the risks.

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