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DEADLY new health advice from the World Health Organization

It’s like they’re TRYING to kill ya!

The World Health Organization is out with its latest urgent health warning, and it’s so badly dated that it may as well be a holdover from the Dark Ages.

It’s warning everyone… all over the world… to dramatically cut back on saturated fats.

It’s practically got a vendetta against the stuff at this point. It wants you to bring your levels down so low that just 10 percent of your calories come from saturated fats.

How little is that?

Let me put it this way: Those eight little lines on a stick of butter each represent a tablespoon. Your limit for the day… of ALL saturated fats from ALL sources… is equal to a little more than three of those lines.

That’s it.

Fry a couple of eggs in butter for breakfast, and you’re probably approaching the halfway point of your daily limit — and that’s before you’ve splashed a little cream in your coffee.

WHO claims that it’s all about saving your life and preventing heart disease, the world’s top killer.

But that’s NOT how this works.

In a major study during the 1970s, researchers did EXACTLY what WHO is pushing. They put some older guys with heart disease on diets that followed the “new” guidelines, with just 10 percent of their calories coming from saturated fats.

The rest were allowed to get their fill.

Over the next three-plus years, the guys on the “healthy” diet died off at DOUBLE the rate!

That’s not all, either.

Here in the United States, researchers did a fats study — and under the perfect conditions for something like this. They worked in hospitals and nursing homes, places where every meal was under control.

They spent FIVE YEARS putting people on diets with different levels of fat and found that when saturated fat levels dropped, so did cholesterol levels. But the more those fat and cholesterol levels dropped, the HIGHER the risk of death!

This was so at odds with the conventional wisdom that the study was buried for some 40 years.

When researchers rediscovered the data, they thought it was a mistake.

It wasn’t.

They not only confirmed what the study found… but analyzed FOUR OTHER trials in which fat levels were controlled, and they found a consistent pattern.

Cutting saturated fats WON’T cut your risk of heart problems or death — in many cases it may actually increase it.

Stick to your guns. In this case, stick to your butter, not to mention your steak and eggs. Enjoy saturated fats as part of a low-carb diet, and you’ll outlive anyone pushing these new guidelines on you.

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