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Is Bill Gates trying to KILL you?

It’s gotta be nice to have a few billion bucks just sitting around, am I right?

Just look at Bill Gates.

The Microsoft kazillionaire may not be the richest guy in the world anymore – that honor goes to Jeff Bezos, the guy responsible for the thousands of desperate emails you get from each day – but that hasn’t put a damper on Gates’ weird ambitions.

The guy who started out trying to control every computer now wants to force something even more invasive and intrusive than buggy software full of pop-up windows.

He wants to practically FORCE needles… on everyone!

Gates is downright OBSESSED with vaccines – to the point where the rest of us are basically just human pincushions to him.

At this very minute, he’s offering up $12 million to push flu shots.

That’s a lot of scratch to you and me, and you can bet that it’s serious dough for a desperate researcher looking to make a name.

But it’s pennies to ol’ Bill, just 0.013 percent of his $90 billion fortune.

He’s not out to just make a “better” flu shot this year. He’s after something bigger: He’s trying to push the development of flu shot 2.0, a vaccination that EVERYONE would get just once to supposedly prevent the flu forever.

This shot hasn’t even been invented yet, but that hasn’t stopped Gates from hyping it with ominous warnings.

“If history has taught us anything, it’s that there will be another deadly global pandemic,” he claimed.


Sure, there will be deadly outbreaks… maybe even a massive one.

But will his “super-vaccine” really prevent it?

Everything we know about the flu says NO.

This is a crafty virus that mutates to continue making people sick – and the vaccine might even HELP it in some sick way.

In the most recent pandemic year, the swine flu panic of 2009, the people most likely to get sick… and most likely to DIE… weren’t the unvaccinated.

They were the people who followed orders and got their normal flu shots!

Research out of Canada found that people who got the standard 2008 flu shot had nearly double the risk of developing swine flu in 2009.

Imagine if that happened on the grand scale with a universal flu shot in a pandemic year.

That wouldn’t save the masses.

It would practically DOOM them, leading to tragedy on a scale that the world has never seen.

And it’d be all for a virus that has a number of simpler, safer, cheaper, and more readily available solutions, including immune-boosting nutrients such as vitamins C and D, healthy probiotics, and just common-sense good hygiene.

That might not be a $12 million idea for Bill Gates. But it’s worth billions to the rest of us… and it works a whole lot better than his Windows ever did.

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