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Spot the warning signs of this common toe problem

Time for a little honesty here: When was the last time you REALLY took a good look at your toes?

In the BEST of times, they’re probably the LEAST of your worries.

Today, with everything else going on in your body, your toes are lucky if their nails get trimmed every couple of months — and even then, it’s a cursory glance just to make sure that you don’t clip your skin right off.

And if you’re a little on the bigger side, they may get even less attention.

Let’s face it, it can be tough reaching all the way down there!

Well, friend, it’s time to give your little piggies a little more attention, because a LOT can go wrong down there – and if you’ve got a toe problem, it might not stay in your feet.

It could SPREAD.

Case in point: A fungal infection.

Sounds nasty, right?

It IS nasty, and new research finds that the bigger you are, the greater your chances of having an ugly little critter turning your toes into a comfy new home.

It’s a condition called onychomycosis — and being overweight will increase your risk of these ick-fections by about 20 percent.

The bigger you are, the bigger the risk… and if you cross the line from “overweight” into “obese,” you could have up to 2.5 times the risk of a toenail yuck.

In a best-case scenario, these ugly growths are a little uncomfortable (not to mention plenty gross).

At worst, they could eventually spread infections to other parts of your body.

And when that happens, a little toe problem could end up turning into a MAJOR headache — or at least a nasty skin infection elsewhere on your body (in about 1 in 25 cases).

Once every week or so, give your feet and toes a little attention. Look at the nails, trim them often and if they start to look a little funny – if they’re turning yellow and brittle, crack easily, or big hunks come off when you try to trim then – try treating them yourself at first.

A good scrub followed by a soak in water mixed with apple cider vinegar and Epsom salt can often knock out these infections. Tea tree oil can also do the trick, but instead of bathing your feet in it, just work a few drops into each toe and around the nails.

If you’ve tried those treatments and it’s not getting any better, then it’s time to bring those smelly feet to your doc.

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