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This common condition could throw your heart off track

Every time some snotty millennial is on the news to offer “comment,” you already know what’s about to come out of their whiny little trap.

These precious snowflakes are sad, mad, offended, and downright depressed over EVERYTHING!

I’m not at all surprised by a recent report that finds that members of the younger generation are gobbling down antidepressants like they’re Tic Tacs.

If our egos were so easily bruised, we never would’ve won WWII… gone to the moon… or built the very Internet that these little daffodils use to whine, moan, and complain all day long.

But don’t let your own tougher-than-nails attitude get the best of you.

If you ARE depressed, you need to recognize it, and you need to get help — and I don’t mean those happy pills.

While the kids are gobbling meds much too easily, another new report finds that older folks aren’t getting the help that they need – and it’s leading to a higher risk of a major killer condition called atrial fibrillation.

This is the most common irregular heartbeat condition in the nation, hitting nearly 3 million Americans.

You’ve heard of butterflies in the stomach?

This is more like bats in your chest at dusk, a sudden rapid fluttering as the upper chambers go all herky-jerky on you.

That can block blood from moving out, causing it to pool up and form a clot, which can lead to a stroke.

If you’re depressed, your risk of this condition jumps by 30 percent, according to the new study.

One minute, you’re battling the blues. The next, you’re in the ER after a major heart scare… all for a condition that can be treated and defeated IF you get help.

The team behind the study thinks that the reason for the risk could be the inflammation triggered by depression, which can take a toll on your ticker. Or, they say, it could be the hormonal changes behind some cases of depression.

Let me give you one more option: antidepressant drugs.

The folks in the study with biggest risk were already on meds – so something tells me that those pills could be at least part of the problem.

Clearly, you want to get a grip on depression before it turns into something worse, like a heart problem.

But just as clearly, that DOESN’T mean meds.

As I’ll show later this week, those drugs are a one-way ticket into a nightmare world where instead of beating depression, you’ll end up dependent on antidepressants.

Over the short term, herbal therapies like St. John’s wort can work wonders. (Just be sure you clear it with a doc to make sure it doesn’t mess with any meds you’re on).

If you’re battling a deeper problem, it could be a hormone tank running low.

Speak to a naturopathic physician who can get you tested and sorted out.

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