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All the ‘benefits’ of meditating without a single chant

Time for another peek behind the headlines!

Once again, members of the mainstream media are playing you for a fool.

Just last week, websites and newspapers printed rosy headlines about how seniors who meditate get some magical power over brain aging.

But don’t light the candles and start the chanting just yet, my friend!

There’s a lot more to this study than meets the mandala, even if the mindless media buzz makes it seem otherwise.

On the surface, the study sure sounds good, especially if you just read those headlines: Regular meditation can supposedly improve focus and slow age-related decline in attention span and overall mental decline.

But if that sounds like a whole bunch of nonsense to you, that’s because it IS!

This study didn’t focus on folks like you or me or anyone you know — unless you happen to live in a monastery — because the people who took part spent THREE FULL MONTHS at a meditation retreat.

And that was just the start.

For another SEVEN YEARS, they spent a full hour every day exploring the insides of their eyelids during marathon meditation sessions.

Who in the heck has time for that?!?!? I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t get inner peace.

I’d go out of my gourd!

For all that time and dedication, the improvements were pretty slight and not by any measure that matters. There’s no boost in memory and no effect on overall cognitive function.

This study was funded by a number of organizations that promote New Age nonsense… no doubt to get more people to sign up for this claptrap… because let’s face it: Most folks don’t dig into the details.

They see a headline like “Meditation can help sustain attention in long term, study finds” (actual headline!) and think, gee, that sure sounds good to me.

Next thing you know, they’re forking over big bucks for classes and weekend meditation retreats that won’t do them a lick of good because they’re not disappearing off the face of the planet for three months and keeping at it for an hour per day after.

That’s not just dedication.

That‘s obsession – and while I’m not going to knock anyone’s hobbies, that’s just not practical OR enjoyable for your average Tom, Dick, or Hari.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to put up with the declines in attention span, focus, and memory that come with age.

You can give yourself an edge in seconds — not hours — by popping a little ginseng.

This natural herbal therapy improves the flow of blood to the brain, helping to give you a quick jolt upstairs so that you stay sharp even as you age.

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