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‘Blue-collar’ diet success trumps advice from white-coat ‘experts’

Everyone loves Larry the Cable Guy, right?

He’s not just funny. He’s also a patriot who cares about our country and the Constitution, and he’s never shy about sharing his deep faith.

But if you’re among the legion of fans who’ve enjoyed his “Blue Collar” act over the years, I’ve got some news for you today.

There’s a lot less Larry to love right now!

The big guy’s act is as big as ever — and so is his famously big heart — but his belly is another story.

He’s lost 45 pounds – and more than six inches off his waistline – in about 10 weeks, and he’s STILL shrinking!

“A tapeworm could really help speed this up!” he cracked with his usual humor.

The 55-year-old father of three was at a BMI of 41 when he started his diet.

He’s already trimmed off five points, and he’s looking to drop another five.

What’s his secret?

He’ll be the first to tell you that he doesn’t use one of those “Fit Bit” tracking devices.

And it’s not Jenny Craig… not Weight Watchers… and not the Nutrisystem plan he tried and advertised for a few years back, only to see the weight return.

It’s not anything with a business model that calls for a celebrity spokesman, either!

No, friend, he’s taken himself out of the mainstream loop. He’s hopping between two Daily Dose-approved diets, both of which have made mainstream lists of the “WORST” in the world.

He started out on the ketogenic diet, which Newsweek ranked at the very bottom of its list of diets. Then, he jumped over to the similar Paleo (“caveman”) diet, which didn’t do much better on that list (it’s #32 out of the 40 rated) despite the success that Larry has seen while following it.

The two diets are essentially variations on the low-carb Atkins diet, which Newsweek ranked 36th and referred to as “not a good all-purpose diet.”

Now, there are two reasons why experts slam all of these versions of the low-carb diet.

First, there’s no mafia-like syndicate behind any of these lifestyles doling out dollars in exchange for ads and endorsements. They have no financial interest in promoting it.

And second, it’s because they buck everything the mainstream wants you think about food.

These aren’t low-fat diets. There’s no calorie counting… no frozen meals to buy… and no meetings to attend.

The basics behind all three are to quit processed foods and limit or restrict carbs. That’s it.

Stick to the plan – any of the three, although Atkins-style low-carb is the one backed by the most research with the fewest restrictions – and you WILL lose weight.

Maybe even 45 pounds in just 10 weeks.

The “experts” all say that you shouldn’t do it. “It doesn’t work. Don’t waste your time.”

Yet here’s Larry the Cable Guy… a comedian… showing the “experts” that they’ve got it all wrong.

Looks like he’s having the last laugh!

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