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Could a cheap painkiller prevent dementia? Not so fast

It’s the hottest ticket in town – and it’s not a concert, play, movie, or comedy act.

Ibuprofen is flying off the shelves as if it were just named Pill of the Year.

People are buying it… hoarding it… and TAKING it… all because a new report claims that gobbling these pain pills won’t JUST ease achy knees, chase away headaches, and take the sting out of injuries.

Now, they say, it’ll zoom to your brain like Batman ready to take on The Joker.

Instead of punching out villains, your ibuprofen will supposedly punch out the beta-amyloid plaques that can build up and form the ugly mess that turns your gray matter to mush.

And that, researchers say, means that this stuff can stop Alzheimer’s disease before you start to show symptoms.

The new study claims that it comes down to a secret little peptide that could be swimming around in your saliva right now – it’s amyloid-beta 42, a.k.a. Abeta 42, which sounds like a hip new bourbon aged in oak barrels.

But it’s not.

It’s something being “aged” in your body, turning up years before Alzheimer’s forms – and it MAY be a warning spit-sign of dementia, which can indicate an inflammatory response that’s causing messy plaques to make a beeline for your brain and run amok.

When you block the Abeta 42 inflammation, they think, you just might short-circuit the signal. And when you short-circuit the signal, that damage might never form, meaning that you’re suddenly no longer at risk for dementia.

They claim that taking ibuprofen — EVERY DAY and for the REST OF YOUR LIFE — can block that inflammation and protect you.

How well does it work? NO ONE KNOWS!

Despite the headlines… despite the fact that they’ve actually hailed this study as a “true breakthrough”… and despite the fact that some people are already gobbling ibuprofen to prevent Alzheimer’s… it’s literally never been tested.

They don’t know if ibuprofen prevents the disease or makes the condition worse!

Here’s what we DO know: Taking this stuff every day can rip the inside of your stomach to shreds, leading to ulcers and internal bleeding. Long-term use has even been linked to liver and heart problems.

So, even if this DOES prevent dementia, you’d have to be nuts to take it every day.

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