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The 3 causes of itching… and how to fix them

To dream… the impossible dream.

To fight… the unbeatable foe.

To bear… an itch you can’t quite reach. And even when you manage to hit the spot, it just keeps coming back!

Man, sometimes the impossible dream is just a good scratch that makes that irritating itch go away once and for all.

But there might a reason you can never scratch that itch.

It’s not because you can’t reach it. It’s not even because that one spot just needs a good scratch.

That itch could be a sign of something else. It could a desperate cry from your body that you’re in a dire need of some key nutrients.

The only way to truly “scratch” that itch isn’t with a fingernail, a back-scratcher, or a cat pole.

It’s with a bottle of vitamins!

A recent report in the Daily Mail highlights how these chronic itch cases are becoming an increasingly common – and absolutely infuriating – problem, especially among older folks.

One reason that it’s tough to get better is most folks never mention it to a doctor.

With everything else going on, that itch just seems like small potatoes and not even worth bringing up.

But you SHOULD tell him, because it’s often a warning sign that you’re low in vitamin B12.

The obvious answer is to pop some B12, which is cheap and east to get, but that alone might not do the trick.

Here’s why you need to mention it to a doctor: You could be low in this nutrient because of a med that HE gave you.

In many cases, it’s the drug metformin sucking you flat — and even if you take a supplement, the drug could chase that stuff out, too.

It’s like trying to fill a bucket with a hole in it!

So, talk to your doc about other ways to control blood sugar, including managing it with a low-carb diet.

Another common cause is pernicious anemia, which will need quick attention because the itch is a sign that it’s screwing with your nerves – and if you don’t fix it soon, it could trigger lasting damage.

There’s one more common cause, too… and it’s something I’ve warned you about here in the Daily Dose.

If you go on a vegetarian diet, it’ll be almost impossible to get your B12, which is in meat, eggs, and milk.

A supplement can help, but the same diet will rob you of other essential nutrients and protein.

Better solution: Get off the vegetarian diet before it does causes something that can’t be fixed with a scratch and a supplement.

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