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Is your doctor THIS lazy?

It’s the saddest, laziest excuse for doctoring on the planet – and odds are, you’ve been a victim of it!

If you’ve ever been to a doctor’s office with a miserable case of the yucks… and were sent home with a stash of germ-killers to knock back for a couple of weeks… you were conned.

What you need to beat the thing is usually some rest, some vitamin C, a box of tissues, and the TV listings.

Instead, docs are dishing out antibiotics – and way too many of them, even by mainstream standards and guidelines.

This condition — which almost NEVER needs those drugs because it’s viral up to 98 percent of the time — is almost ALWAYS treated with them, according to a new study.


You’d better ask the docs that, but if I had to take a stab at it, I’d say that it’s because most of them couldn’t give a rat’s tail about what the condition actually “needs.”

All they’re looking to do is get their sniffly patients out the door in 15 minutes or less, making those appointments the easiest money in the book.

The best way to do that is to declare – with great confidence! – that all the patients need are these magic pills.

See, they don’t want to do the repetitive tests, multiple appointments, and whatever else it takes to figure out which patients with sinus infections have a less common bacterial infection and need the drugs.

So, it’s the nuclear option. Drugs for everyone – and plenty of them.

Even when these infections DO need antibiotics, the prescriptions are supposed to last five days — seven tops — unless there are some complications.

Instead, an analysis of nearly 4 million sinus infections finds that more than two-thirds of the ones treated with antibiotics get prescriptions of 10 days or longer.

For some types of antibiotics, more than 90 percent of those prescribed are 10-day or two-week supplies!

And for the common penicillin, tetracycline, or fluoroquinolones meds, only 5 percent were for seven-day prescriptions or less.

It’s insanity, and that’s not just because you’re taking too many meds.

It’s because the more of these drugs you dump down your gullet, the higher your risk of something going screwy — especially in your gut, where these drugs wipe out essential bacteria.

At best, that could leave you with the runs.

At worst, you could end up fighting off a whole new infection, including a deadly superbug infection that could lead you to a “vacation” in a hospital.

If you’ve got a simple sniffle, give it time and immune-boosters. If you’re sicker and weaker – or just not getting better – and DO need the drugs, make sure you get the safest meds for the shortest time.

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