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The flu advice that’s going viral

God bless the nurses!

A young lady is “going viral” on the Internet thanks to a short video she recorded on the wrong end of a 12-hour hospital shift… and this no-nonsense nurse is dishing out some tough love to all of the little snowflakes out there dealing with flu.

Some folks are cheering her on. Some are calling her out for what they see as too much attitude.

All I can say is that someone ought to give this woman a raise!

If you haven’t seen Katherine Lockler’s video, you will soon (and you can Google her when you’re done reading this if you want to see what the fuss is all about).

She’s offering down-to-earth advice on what do when you’re sick… when to go to the ER… and when to stay the heck home.

Hint: Stay home unless there’s something very wrong, because as you’ve no doubt seen on the news by now, most ERs are busier than a toy store on Black Friday.

They’ve got flu up the wazoo.

Lockler called the ER a “cesspool of funky flu” and warned that if you wander in for something minor, you end up bringing a piece of that cesspool back home with you — giving yourself and your family the flu.

So, if you’re not in bad shape… if you’ve got nothing serious (like actual flu, a heart problem, or stroke warning signs)… call your doctor’s office instead of rushing to the ER and see if you might be better off avoiding a dip in that cesspool.

And definitely don’t wander in on a friendship tour.

The nurse said that people keep coming in to visit their sick friends. In one case, an entire softball team visited an injured player, exposing 15 healthy people (and everyone they encountered once they left!) to the flu virus.

That brings me to another piece of critical advice from Nurse Katherine, and here’s exactly how she put it: “Wash your stinkin’ hands!”

No one on that softball teamed washed up, and they’re not alone.

She said that people are coming in and out all day and night — and almost none of them are washing up or using the sanitizer from the machines that are all over the ward.

Ol’ Jack here doesn’t even wait to see a squirt machine. I carry my own everywhere I go, and I use it so often that my skin’s starting to dry up… but I’d rather have dry palms than a wet and runny nose from flu, and I’m willing to bet you’d make that tradeoff too.

Anything to keep out of that cesspool!

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