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Shut down the cholesterol nags once and for all

It might be a new year… but odds are, you’re hearing the same old nags from mainstream docs.

They’ll NAG you over your diet if you enjoy healthy high-fat foods.

They’ll NAG you over your drinking if you enjoy a moderate habit.

And they’ll NAG, NAG, NAG you over cholesterol.

It’s just relentless, isn’t it???

These clowns will panic if your LDL levels rise even just a touch, and they’ll pressure you into taking drugs to cut those levels.

But don’t swallow those pills just yet, because there’s a whole lot more to this story.

The real risks don’t come from high levels of cholesterol.

It’s when your levels fall too low!

That’s right, my friend, the biggest threat to your health strikes when your cholesterol levels — especially the so-called “bad” LDL cholesterol — fall smack dab in the middle of your doctor’s happy zone.

One analysis of 19 studies — involving nearly 70,000 older patients — finds that seniors with HIGHER levels of cholesterol outlive those with lower levels in 80 percent of all cases.

And those statin drugs docs claim you need to save your life?


The same study finds that folks who rely on meds to hit “optimal” LDL targets don’t live any longer.

The only time that the drugs matter even a little bit is when they’re used to bring levels down from “very high” to “moderate” — and even then, the benefit’s a whole lot smaller than your doc will ever let on.

Cutting LDL from over 100 mg/dl to under that line could cut the risk of heart problems by just 13 percent.

Miracle drugs? More like a miracle they ever got approved!

Of course, a 13 percent cut in heart risk MIGHT be worth it if the drugs were safe.

But you know the score on that by now.

Statin drugs can cause debilitating muscle pain, severe memory loss, sex problems, and so much more.

These drugs can even CAUSE diabetes.

That’ll end your life, not save it.

Fact is, despite what you’ve heard, you NEED cholesterol. Even “bad” cholesterol plays a critical role in your body, hauling around fat-soluble nutrients, boosting your brainpower, and enhancing your immune system.

When levels drop, you face big risks… including a higher risk of certain types of cancer.

It’s much more important to look at the big picture — not just LDL levels but the particle size and oxidation rates. So, work closely with a doc who knows how to treat the whole patient — not just a number on a blood test.

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