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We may be facing the worst flu season in years

Well, friend, it’s looking like it’s finally going to happen: By all indications, we’re in for a doozy of a flu season.

Now, that doesn’t mean it’s going to be DEADLIER than usual.

But as of right now, the nasty little bug is getting spread around like cold sores in a college dorm.

More Americans are getting sick sooner in the season than usual… a full month ahead of last year’s schedule… and two months ahead of the pace set a year before.

Even the lame-stream media managed to pause from hyperventilating about every little thing the president says to cover the story about the emerging flu season.

And naturally, every TV news report about the flu ends up looking more like a commercial for flu shots.

“It’s already shaping up to be a bad one… if you haven’t had a shot yet, don’t wait!” the smug little newscaster will admonish you.

But here’s the part of the story that’s NOT making big headlines: That shot doesn’t work.

I don’t just mean that in the way I always tell you here in the Daily Dose. Of course, the shot is RARELY all that effective in ANY given year.

But this year’s shot is actually far worse than usual, with a protection rate of just 10 percent — or just a sixth of the protection in a “good” year.

And even that’s not as good as it sounds.

Your flu risk is already super low. In any given year, only about 2.7 percent of Americans get sick. That’s the number that gets cut — and if it’s cut by 10 percent, that means the “true” protection level is 0.27 percent.


And that’s still a WILDLY optimistic number when you consider that studies show the vaccine offers almost NO protection at all in folks over the age of 65.

But you don’t have to hole up until April to avoid the flu (although it might not be a terrible idea, given all the nonsense going on out there these days).

You can get REAL and LASTING protection from flu with a little common sense.

First, remember good hygiene. I know, this is so basic that it’s almost silly, but too many people still eat without washing their hands.

And, of course, you might not think twice about rubbing your eyes throughout the day, forgetting that you touched buttons and handrails and doorknobs covered in God-only-knows what kinds of germs.

Be more careful. Be more clean.

And second, load up on immune-boosting nutrients including vitamins C, D, E, beta-carotene and minerals such as zinc and selenium.

With good hygiene and better nutrition, you can beat the flu without a shot every year.

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