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This simple vitamin can BLOCK deadly heart problems

It’s the ultimate SECRET to a longer, better, and healthier life — one that could give you extra YEARS to enjoy.

And you won’t find it in a pill bottle!

It’s a secret they know in Japan, home to the planet’s No. 1 life expectancy.

And they know all about it in Switzerland, which is No. 2 on the list, too.

What could these two nations — 6,000 miles apart — possibly have in common?

The folks who live there can’t tell you.

But I can!

The Swiss and the Japanese just so happen to have diets naturally rich in vitamin K2, which new research confirms is a powerful natural treatment that can protect your heart and extend your life.

It can even help stop a MAJOR heart problem that is practically untreatable by mainstream medicine!

The new study looked at a common condition called calcific aortic valve stenosis, or one of the most serious problems with the valve at the aorta.

This condition can make you tired, weak, and breathless. It can cause you to pass out, and it may eventually lead to heart failure.

The only real treatment option — right now — is a risky operation to repair or replace the valve, but the procedure is so dangerous that many of the folks who need it can’t get it.

The operation would KILL them!

Now, maybe they don’t have to have that surgery after all.

The new study finds that the Swiss secret can stop the condition cold, preventing it from getting worse, so you won’t be in line for that risky operation.

This study focused on how K2 can stop the calcification in the aorta, but that’s not the only way it can protect you.

Studies show that it’s practically a pipe cleaner for your arteries: It sweeps through to wipe out the calcium that accumulates deep inside and leads to stiffness and blockages.

As a result, a study last year found that folks with high levels of K2 are 14 percent less likely to drop dead from coronary heart disease.

Want more? I’ve got it: The groundbreaking Rotterdam study found that guys with the highest K2 levels have a 52 percent lower risk of the most severe form of calcification in the coronary artery.

Now, you know you want it.

The only question is, do you want it Swiss-style, or do you like it the Japanese way?

I’d pick that first option. The Swiss are crazy for dairy, which is where they’re getting it — especially butter and cheese. Hard, aged cheeses are best, including Gouda, Brie, Jarlsberg, and Edam.

The Japanese get it from a fermented bean product called natto, but don’t look for it unless you have a strong sense of adventure and a stronger stomach.

You might also be able to get it from a supplement — just speak to a doc before you go that route, as K2 doesn’t make nice with blood thinners.

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