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The biggest government cover-up you haven’t heard of… yet

It could be the biggest healthcare cover-up facing the nation… facing the PLANET.

And who will save us? Not the shady characters in our government — because it’s very likely been THEM trying to keep it under wraps!

But the feds can’t hide it anymore.

Some of the world’s leading scientists — including researchers from Harvard Medical School, Johns Hopkins, and Columbia University — have issued an unprecedented warning straight to the United Nations and World Health Organization.

They’re DEMANDING that governments open up and reveal the truth about constant low-level radiation exposure.

And they’re URGING health authorities to create “harm reduction strategies” to cut the risks of exposure.

Remember the big warnings you got from the CDC? The FDA? The EPA?

Of course you don’t.

They never happened!

Those agencies are IGNORING some of the world’s leading scientists, putting every single member of your family at risk right now from everyday radiation.

You don’t have to live near a nuclear facility to get exposed.

You don’t even have to go to medical clinic for CT scans or X-rays.

It’s EVERYWHERE, in the radiation given off by microwave ovens… cellphones… broadcast signals… power lines… computers… Wi-Fi routers… and so much more.

That radiation goes through your skin and into your body, where it leads to damaging free radicals that pound your cells with over 8 billion strikes per second.

You’re facing a 360-degree assault, 24 hours a day. And even if you toss all of that stuff out of your home, you might only feel TOTALLY safe from it if you walked around in a lead suit. (OK, that would be just a tad extreme, but you know what I’m getting at…)!

Since the feds are too busy protecting the powerful industries behind all that radiation, it’s up to you to protect yourself by following the advice of those leading scientists and creating a “harm reduction strategy” of your own.

And I know just the place to start.

Dr. Allan Spreen, a highly respected physician, has created a groundbreaking, three-step regimen to help BLOCK, FLUSH, and REVERSE the effects of everyday radiation.

    1. Free radicals are being unleased by everyday radiation and other sources, but you can help BLOCK them with an antioxidant that cannot only travel to EVERY CELL in your body… but has been shown in one comparison to be 8,000 times more powerful than vitamin C!

    2. Get a little help to FLUSH those damaging free radicals right out of your system AND replace your body’s supply of the “master antioxidant” glutathione, which is wiped out by exposure.

    3. Those free radicals may have caused oxidative damage in your body, but an extract from an evergreen tree can help REVERSE it and even help slow the effects of age itself.

Now, any one of these strategies on its own would do wonders to help shield you from this invisible threat that the feds can’t possibly contain.

But if you want COMPLETE protection… you need all three.

I’ll tell you, I’m counting my blessings right now, because my friends and colleagues at NorthStar Nutritionals have got a solution — and it’s not a drug, some crazy force field, or even a lead suit.

It’s Vital Screen 360.

Now, NorthStar Nutritionals is part of the same family that brings you the Daily Dose… but you know I wouldn’t even bother to mention this protection strategy if it didn’t have the Jack Harrison Seal of Approval.

Listen, you don’t need dear ol’ Jack to tell you how VITAL it is to find ways of defending yourself these days. And Vital Screen 360 ramps up your natural defenses so well that you may not have to start wearing that tin foil hat after all.

And since the poisonous assault we’re currently facing is only going to get worse, you’ll want to arm yourself with Vital Screen 360 immediately — in fact, today, before it’s too late.

Find out how right here.

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