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Mainstream cancer LIES can ruin your life!

Swear to tell the truth… the WHOLE truth… and nothing BUT the truth?

It’s a good thing that doctors’ appointments don’t start that way — because too many cancer docs would get struck by lightning the moment they stepped outside the clinic!

They might tell the truth. But they’re not very good at telling the WHOLE truth.

They often leave a few things out, and it’s usually to benefit THEM at risk to YOU.

And guys, if you’ve been diagnosed with a low-risk prostate tumor, the latest research reveals how there’s a good chance you won’t get the whole truth about treatment options from your doc.

He wants you to think that you’re playing on the same team with the same goal. But what YOU want and what HE wants are two completely different things.

Here’s what you want: for all your parts below the belt to keep working.

Sure, you want to survive the disease. But you want to survive it in style, as the new study finds that more than half of all low-risk prostate patients consider keeping their sexual function to be “very important.”

The best treatment for that is NO TREATMENT at all. These are low-risk tumors, after all, which means they almost certainly won’t hurt you.

The treatments, on the other hand, can. Drugs, surgery, and radiation can all cause sexual side effects.

But you might not hear all that from your doc — because he has a different goal in mind.

Maybe it’s a swimming pool… a vacation home… or a new car. Maybe it’s a new wife.

Whatever it is, he needs cash to make it happen. And guess who’s paying for it?

Yup. You. Or your insurer. It really doesn’t matter to your doc WHO foots the bill, as long as he gets paid.

The proof is in the numbers: Cancer docs aren’t always steering these men into the “no treatment” option, a.k.a. “active surveillance” or “watchful waiting.”

The study finds that they’re pushing many low-risk patients into invasive treatments most of them don’t even need, including radiation treatments and surgery.

And while the study doesn’t get into the whole “why” question, you can bet it’s because your doc knows that treating cancer is a whole lot more profitable than NOT treating cancer.

Don’t fall for this little scam.

If you get diagnosed with a low-risk tumor, and your doc doesn’t discuss active surveillance, bring it up yourself.

And always — ALWAYS — get a second opinion on the matter.

That’s not the only scam you need to watch for. I’ll have the latest on a high-tech flimflam coming up later today.

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Keeping watch,

Jack Harrison

P.S. Over the weekend, the entire nation watched the reports out of Texas in horror. Twenty-six innocent victims, including many children, gunned down while trying to pray. I send all my thoughts and prayers to the state of Texas and readers everywhere who have been touched by tragedy. And, as that hero neighbor showed us, it’s more important than ever to look out for each other.

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