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Cholesterol drug could give you a deadly disease

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that statins will boost your risk of developing diabetes.

And no doubt, your doc has tried to push these cholesterol-lowering meds on you anyway.

He’ll launch right into a carefully scripted sales pitch straight outta the Big Pharma playbook. He can’t help himself!

“That’s the OVERALL risk,” he’ll claim. “That’s not YOUR risk!”

He’ll say people with the highest risk of heart problems are ALREADY at risk for diabetes anyway, so it might not be the DRUG causing the disease.

Yes, it’s the old blame-the-patient routine. It’s not the drugs… it’s YOU!

Well, friend, the latest research puts that tired old myth to bed for good. It PROVES that it’s not you… not your weight… not your risk… and not your fault at all.

It’s those darned statins.

Researchers looked specifically at patients who are already at risk for diabetes to see what would happen.

What happened was a total disaster.

Statins increased the risk of the disease by 36 percent when compared to NOT taking the drugs.

How’s that for the screwiest catch-22 you’ve ever heard of?

If you’re the type of person who’s facing diabetes risk, you’re EXACTLY the type of patient that’s going to end up with a fistful of statins — yet those same drugs will actually push you right over the edge and into the very disease you’re trying to avoid.

These are drugs that are supposed to PROTECT your heart, but diabetes isn’t exactly known for being good for the ticker.

It’s just the opposite, as nothing will send you to an early grave faster than a dance with diabetes.

Of course, your doc won’t be impressed by this new study. He won’t care that it was conducted by top-notch researchers at the world-class Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

He won’t even be impressed that it was published in the highly respected journal BMJ Open Diabetes Research and Care.

He’ll claim that EVEN If the risks are real, you’ll still be better off on the drugs because the “benefits” of low cholesterol are greater than those risks.

If he pulls that one on you, you can stop him cold with one simple question. Ask him about the typical heart attack patient. Specifically, ask about their cholesterol levels.

If he’s honest, he’ll swallow hard and ‘fess up: The average heart attack patient has NORMAL cholesterol.

So much for “cholesterol control.”

There are much better markers for heart risk, starting with inflammation. If your levels of inflammation are rising, work on bringing them down with diet and natural therapies like B vitamins, which will give you TRUE protection… with NO risk.

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