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Get 84 extra minutes of sleep tonight!

Sleep’s a little like money.

The more you need it, the tougher it is to get!

It’s crazy, but it’s true: Even when you’re beyond tired… past exhausted… and so spent that you desperately NEED some sleep, sometimes it’s downright impossible to get.

But today, I’ve got a little trick that could change your nights — and maybe even your life.

New research reveals a sour little secret to getting INCREDIBLE sleep.

Your head will hit the pillow, and you won’t budge ’til you’re good and ready — because this isn’t some little dumb med that’ll tack on a few meaningless minutes.

It could give your nearly AN HOUR AND A HALF of extra sleep per night!

The key? Tart cherry juice.

The new study focused on older folks who struggled to sleep three or more times a week.

These weren’t just bleary-eyed late-night TV lovers. They were folks with big-time struggles getting proper rest.

They had problems you might be a little too familiar with yourself.

For two weeks, they downed a glass of juice before bed. Some got tart cherry, others got a cherry-tasting drink that was actually a fake.

Then, for another two weeks, they switched places.

The real drink packed major benefits, giving the folks who took it an average of 84 extra minutes of sleep per night.

There’s not a drug in the world that can promise that, my friend. In fact, for all the money spent on those meds, the average benefit is somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes.

That’s it.

That makes cherry juice up to SIX TIMES more effective than sleep drugs — with NONE of the knee-buckling, brain-bending side effects!

If you want to give this a shot yourself, don’t just pick any old cherry. It needs to be TART cherry.

You can get a quart of organic tart cherry juice for about $4, making the price of a good night’s sleep about a buck a pop.

That’s not exactly pennies, but it’s not break-the-bank money either — especially if you only need it from time to time.

You can also find tart cherry extract available as supplements, which are a little easier on the wallet. They might be better if you can’t stand the taste of the juice, too, or if you’re diabetic and need to watch your sugar. (A single glass of tart cherry juice has less sugar than a soda, but it still has sugar.)

You may need to do a little math to figure out what dose equals 8 ounces of juice, or you can ask your doctor for help.

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