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Is your toothbrush poisoning you?

It could be time to replace your toothpaste… and your toothbrush right along with it!

You might know a little something about triclosan, a disinfecting chemical that can make your hormones go haywire, mess with your sex life, and screw with childhood development.

It’s so dangerous that it’s been banned from soap. Somehow, though, it’s still allowed in toothpaste.

Maybe you know that, too, and have already ditched your old, dangerous toothpaste and switched to something safer.

But if you’re still using the same old toothBRUSH (and, let’s be honest here, when was the last time you swapped yours?), you could STILL get a dose of this chemical.

Tests on nearly two dozen toothbrushes that had been used with triclosan-containing toothpaste found high levels of the chemical in at least a third of them.

Some of them had 12 TIMES the levels typically found in a single squirt of toothpaste!

It didn’t just sit inside the toothbrush, either.

The triclosan used those bristles as an advance camp for attacking the mouth. And if you brush with one of these things, you could continue to be exposed to triclosan for WEEKS after switching to a triclosan-free toothpaste — and maybe longer.

You don’t want weeks of exposure.

You don’t want a single day of exposure to this chemical, which first hit the market not as an ingredient for soaps or toothpastes… but as a PESTICIDE.

Imagine if one day the active ingredient in RAID was suddenly approved for toothpaste. YUCK.

Last year, the feds admitted that triclosan is bad news and banned it from just about anything that comes into contact with human skin, including soaps and sanitizers.

Yet somehow, it’s still perfectly legal to put it in toothpaste — and that’s just nuts.

Obviously, you want to toss any toothpaste that contains triclosan. You can either Google the name of your brand to see if it’s inside… or break out the magnifying glass and check the ingredients list on the tube.

If it turns out you’ve been using this stuff, you need to get a new toothpaste AND a new toothbrush, too.

No biggie — because if you’re like most folks, you’re overdue for a replacement anyway.

As for the toothpaste, you can switch to some all-natural goop if you want… or you can make your own toothpaste for a fraction of the price by mixing a little 3 percent hydrogen peroxide with some baking soda.

Make it fresh on the spot, work it into your teeth and gums, and then rinse with the hydrogen peroxide.

Don’t forget to floss, and you’ll have the whitest, cleanest teeth in town… with zero risk.

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