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Don’t be tempted by this ‘quick fix’ surgery!

Your doc will make it sound easier than checkers.

A few quick cuts, a short recovery, and you’re on your way to a slimmer, trimmer, healthier you.

And nearly all of it will be covered by your insurance.

It’s just about the easiest sales pitch in medicine, which is why stomach-shrinking surgeries are rising like dough, with nearly 4,000 procedures done every week.

Believe me, docs are rolling IN dough because of it, too, which is why you won’t hear them talk about the risk of anemia.

But I will.

The risk is real, even if your doctor won’t warn you of it, and a new study reveals just what you’re up against.

If you have this surgery… if you fall for the slick-talking surgeon and the promise of easy weight loss… your odds of developing this iron deficiency are roughly the same as a coin toss.

The new study finds that 47 percent of weight-loss surgery patients develop anemia in the years following surgery, nearly two and a half times the number of people who had the condition beforehand.

The study finds having regular follow-up appointments can cut the risk — a bit — but it’s still nearly 50 percent higher.

Yet already, surgeons are trying to downplay it.

Anemia is a condition that can sap you of both your energy and your quality of life. You could end up tired, weak, short of breath and living with a permanent “pounding” sound in your ears.

But the “experts” claim all you need to do is pop some iron tablets to fix it.

Sure, that might work in other cases of anemia… but not always after weight-loss surgery.

Anemia in this case is caused by the fact that the surgery ends up slicing and dicing the first part of your small intestine, a.k.a the duodenum, which just so happens to be where iron is best absorbed.

If that part of the gut has been short-circuited, all the supplements in the world aren’t going to help.

You’re going to need a whole new operation!

Whether you need the surgery or not, you’ll end up on iron supplements for the rest of your life… living with miserable side effects such as constipation. You’ll also need to be tested regularly to ensure you’re not missing out on iron and other nutrients even when you take a supplement.

All for a surgery that doesn’t always work and can leave you battling other problems, including other nutritional deficiencies, some of which can be downright deadly.

Don’t fall for the empty promise of quick and easy weight loss through surgery.

Do it the old-fashioned way.

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