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One of the worst ideas in modern medicine

It’s time now for another edition of “The Worst Ideas in the History of Modern Medicine.” Today’s winner and STILL champion of the world is…


Congratulations, aspirin. I’d say stand up and take a bow, but it’s time for you to sit down and shut up.

You’re NOT the heart-boosting “wonder drug” you’ve been made out to be, and the latest research exposes the ugly truth.

It’s not just that aspirin DOESN’T cut heart risk and DOES cause side effects.

It’s something even worse.

This new study reveals what just might be the most serious risk of all, because this one won’t just hurt you.

It could KILL you!

What makes this problem so bad is that it won’t SEEM like a problem at all. Not while you’re taking the drug, anyway.

This one actually kicks in when you try to quit.

Maybe you’re battling a painful ulcer caused by the aspirin and can’t take it anymore. Maybe you suffered from some of the more dangerous forms of internal bleeding linked to aspirin, including bleeds inside your brain.

Maybe you just don’t want to face those risks.

Or maybe you just plain keep forgetting to take the drug.

Whatever the reason, quitting aspirin for even a short period of time can actually INCREASE the risk of the very same heart problems the drug is supposed to prevent.

This isn’t because the drug “stopped protecting” you when you quit.

The new study shows how it’s a dangerous “rebound effect” caused by ending the drug… and if you’re on aspirin now and stop for any reason, your risk of a serious heart problem jumps by 37 percent.

In real numbers, that’s one extra heart problem — such as a heart attack — in every 74 patients who quit.

That increase in risk is immediate… and the study finds that it might NEVER fade!

If you’re on aspirin, it’s easy to think you’re caught between a rock and a hard place here.

You don’t want to keep taking the drug and suffer bleeding.

But you don’t want to quit and suffer from a heart problem.

This is where you need to turn to your friendly neighborhood naturopathic physician, who can safely wean you off the medication in a way that won’t increase your heart risk, while shifting you to a natural therapy that can cut those risks instead.

Fish oil, for example, can often thin the blood as well as aspirin, but it does so far more gently so there’s no risk of internal bleeds.

Don’t try this on your own! The new study shows what’s at stake here, so be sure to work closely with your doctor.

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