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Don’t risk your heart for a party in your pants

There’s nothing better than a creative chef. A cook who can grab whatever’s sitting around and turn it into a feast is a friend worth having… or maybe even marrying.

But what’s great in the kitchen is downright dangerous in the exam room.

Docs who concoct their own treatment recipes with off-label meds are cooking up trouble.

And if your own doc is one of these mad chefs, it’s time for a divorce.

New research exposes the ugly truth about one common off-label drug, showing how it not only DOESN’T help at least one dangerous heart condition… it actually makes it WORSE!

The drug is one you know all too well, even if you’ve never taken it. You can’t watch a ballgame without seeing ads for that “little blue pill.”

Turns out the sex part of the med is actually just a wildly profitable “side effect.” It was originally developed — though never approved — for certain blood pressure conditions and chest pain.

But that hasn’t stopped docs from pushing it off-label for those types of conditions anyway. And many patients — especially older guys — are probably hoping for some big-time “side effects” and therefore won’t utter a peep of complaint when their doc recommends it!

Turns out you should argue — and argue plenty — because the new study finds it’s DANGEROUS for one condition in particular where the drug is often used off-label.

It’s a form of high blood pressure in the lungs called pulmonary hypertension, a condition that’s linked to heart valve disease.

Docs have assumed that widening the blood vessels with a sex med can ease pressure in the lungs, but the new study shows — once again — what happens when you ASSume.

Over the course of six months, patients who popped those blue pills three times a day didn’t just have WORSE outcomes than the folks given a placebo. They had more than DOUBLE the risk of serious complications, including hospital admissions for heart failure and even death.

A whopping 1 in 3 pill-popping patients suffered SOME kind of problem, compared to just 15 percent of the folks on the placebo.

That’s not a treatment. That’s a nightmare, even if it turns out you’re enjoying that notorious “side effect.”

I won’t say no drug should ever be used off-label. Some of them are absolute life-changers.

But many AREN’T. Some are even potential life-wreckers, as the new study shows all too well.

If a doc wants to use an off-label med on you, whether it’s a sex med or anything else, ask for the evidence and do some homework before you agree to take it.

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