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The cancer surgery you can SKIP!

The doc will think he’s got you by the throat — and, in a way, he does.

If you’ve got thyroid cancer, you might think your ONLY option is to let him yank the thing out.

But let me stick my neck out for you here, as new research shows how you might not need that surgery after all.

Like many other cancers, most tumors in the thyroid grow so slowly that most of them will never hurt you.

Now, the new study confirms that low-risk thyroid tumors DON’T need to be treated, and they certainly DON’T need to be ripped out of your throat with a painful surgery.

They just need to be left alone!

The new study looked at 291 patients with low-risk thyroid tumors who agreed to put off surgery. Instead, they let a doc keep tabs on the tumor by checking every six months and opted for treatment ONLY if the cancer turned aggressive.

After two years, only 2.5 percent of the tumors grew, most of them not by much. After five years, only 12 percent had grown — and, again, it wasn’t by much and exactly NONE had spread beyond the thyroid.

Of those 291 patients… folks who probably would have had surgery right away if a typical neck-chopping oncologist had his way… only TEN opted for an operation over those five years.

That’s it.

Nearly twice as many patients — 19 of them — saw their tumors actually SHRINK, entirely on their own.

Even more importantly, the study finds that the older you are, the less likely your thyroid tumor will ever grow enough to need treatment.

Yes, friend, it looks like any doc who pushes surgery for a low-risk thyroid tumor is putting YOUR neck on the line for the sake of HIS bank account.

It’s time to take your neck off the chopping block, as years of research back the “watch-and-wait” approach for thyroid cancer.

One study last year found up to 4 out of 5 new thyroid cancers in American women that are treated should actually be left alone! And the same goes for half of all cases in men.

Even knowing the cancer is unlikely to hurt you, you might be tempted to think you’d rather be safe than sorry and have surgery anyway.

This is cancer, after all.

But your thyroid isn’t a spare part. You NEED the thing to pump out hormones — and once it’s gone, there’s no getting it back. You’ll have to take drugs for the rest of your life to mimic the hormones your body can no longer make.

Lesson here: Don’t assume treatment is a given for any cancer, especially thyroid cancer. Get a second or even third opinion before you make any decisions.

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