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Beat migraines WITHOUT drugs

Anyone who says a migraine is just a headache has never actually had one of these waking nightmares.

It’s not just a headache.

It’s pain so bad that it can literally blind you… and misery so complete that it’ll stop life as you know it, causing you to cower in the corner of a dark room for days at a


So, believe me — I get why folks who suffer from these monster migraines will do just about ANYTHING if there’s even a slim chance it’ll deliver some much-needed relief.

What I absolutely DON’T get is their doctors, because they make bad decision after bad decision after bad decision.

Now, the latest research reveals how millions of migraine patients are becoming victims of one of the worst decisions of all.

They’re getting put onto powerful… addictive… and outright DEADLY opioid painkillers!

These are meds that are pretty much never supposed to be given for migraines — and for good reason.

It’s not just the risks, which have turned opioid addiction into a national nightmare that’s torn apart entire communities.

It’s that they don’t even work!

Yet the new study finds 15 percent of migraine patients are given these powerful pain pills anyway. With 37 million migraine patients in the country, that adds up to more than 5.5 million of them pushed onto opioids.

This being a mainstream study, of course, it has mainstream answers. And while they’re certainly better than opioids, it’s not by much.

They want folks to take other meds — like a cocktail of blood pressure pills and such to supposedly prevent migraines, along with “safer” painkillers such as NSAIDs when the headaches do strike.

There’s a much better way.

It’s simple and completely safe… and it involves a single, inexpensive, one-time fee and no drugs.

It’s backed by years of solid mainstream research.

Yet docs won’t push it because it sounds ridiculous.

I have to admit, when I first heard of this one I snickered a little myself. But the science speaks for itself — and if anyone’s snickering now, it’s the migraine patients getting the last laugh as they beat the pain with ease.

The answer? Purple power!

Special glasses with a purple tint can reduce the risk of headaches and cut pain levels by as much as 70 percent.

The tint is called FL-41, and you can either look for it online or ask an eye doctor. You can even get them made to your prescription if you need glasses for vision.

Yes, you’ll stand out. Who knows, maybe people will think you’re a rock star. As long as it works, it doesn’t matter what they think anyway.

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