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This simple trick ends your troubles with ‘Number Two’

Backed up… bricked in… or just plain clogged.

Whatever you call it, there’s nothing more miserable than yet another go-round with constipation.

The worst of the nightmare happens in the one room of the house where you can truly be alone: the toilet.

But when you have constipation, you’re never really alone.

You’re a part of a mass movement — in this case, a LACK of movement — with recent numbers showing just how big a toll the condition is taking.

Overall, 16 percent of Americans are constipated. But the older you get, the more likely you’ll join the back-up club, as 1 in 3 folks over 60 are in a regular battle with being irregular.

That’s roughly 15 million older folks — nearly all the populations of North and South Carolina COMBINED — all fighting constipation.

And almost none of them are getting the help they need!

In some cases, it’s because they’re afraid to ask. Most folks would rather to talk a doc about STDs than a poop problem.

In others, it’s because they asked, got meds, and found they like being constipated better than being stuffed full of gassy fiber supplements or broken open with explosive laxatives.

It’s like having to choose between one extreme and the other!

But you don’t have to make that choice.

A second new study reveals a simple, safe and highly effective way to take the torture out of the toilet.

You can go easier… more often… and without pain.

The answer is in simple probiotic supplements, with the new study showing how older folks in particular — the ones who need it most — get the biggest benefit out of these friendly bacteria.

And if you add one of these supplements to your own daily routine, the study finds you can increase the frequency of your bowel movements by as much as 30 percent.

Since this was a mish-mash of different studies thrown together and added up, I’m guessing the real benefit could be a heck of a lot bigger.

Look for a supplement built around Bifidobacterium longum and some of the helpful Lactobacillus strains. It shouldn’t be too tough to find a blend with all of them, but the real key is in getting the right amounts.

Don’t be impressed by millions or even hundreds of millions. Look for one with BILLIONS of CFUs — short for the colony-forming units that can take hold in your gut and get to work digesting your food so you can hit the can without feeling like you’re all bottled up.

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