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Recover from surgery faster with a cup of joe

There’s nothing more exhausting than the one-two punch of surgery and anesthesia.

Some surgeries can leave you feeling as if you’ve been mauled by a bear!

But a new study shows how there’s something that can punch that bear back right in the snout, protecting you from the pain of the procedure and the loopy haze of the anesthesia all at once.

And that, my friend, is a cup of coffee.

Ask for one as soon as you start to “come out” of having been put “under”!

You know how coffee hits the spot in the middle of a tiring day? Well, the latest research shows how a cup of coffee — even watery hospital coffee — can help you recover BETTER and FASTER.

More importantly, it can limit the pain you’re likely to feel as the anesthesia continues to wear off and you realize just what your body’s been put through.

Researchers put rats under with anesthesia for an hour and then gave some of them a shot of caffeine just as they were coming to.

Rats that got the caffeine recovered from the anesthesia up to 55 percent more quickly.

Why didn’t they do this in humans? Who knows — but it’s almost a no-brainer that this stuff can probably help you find your own way out of that fog as well.

It’s caffeine, after all. That’s pretty much why it was put here on this Earth.

On the other side of scale, the same study finds good sleep — normal shuteye, not the kind you get from a little “knockout juice” before surgery — will also speed your recovery time and ease the pain of your surgery.

Just don’t confuse the two! Get coffee when you come to… but not near bedtime. You don’t want caffeine screwing with your sleep cycle.

This isn’t just important there in the hospital in the first hours and days after surgery.

Surgery is often the first step on the path to a problem with painkillers, so a quicker recovery and less pain after your procedure could be just the ticket to avoiding powerful and addictive opioid drugs.

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