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How to cut your dementia risk… with a trip to the eye doctor!

I got a buddy we all call Magoo, and you can guess why.

Magoo’s practically blind as a bat. He desperately needs glasses, yet the only time he visits the eye doctor is when he wants to bribe the guy into signing a DMV form.

I hope ol’ Magoo has a change of heart one day soon.

Turns out there’s a whole lot more on the line than having to wear glasses or missing your exit on the highway (or, worse yet, driving right into the creek).

New research shows how fading eyesight can be your first… best… and maybe ONLY warning sign of cognitive decline and even dementia!

If you’ve got problems with your peepers, you’re facing a higher risk of going soft in the gourd.

The number to watch for — if you can see it — is 20/40 in your distance vision.

Drop below that tragic number, and your risk of cognitive impairment jumps by between two and three times.

The biggest risk? It’s in folks who not only have vision problems like my pal Magoo… but also struggle with their day-to-day living because of them.

Get a pair of glasses already, for crying out loud!

The study doesn’t PROVE that a set of lenses is all it takes to bring the risk back down. But it’s almost certainly the case, as older studies have found that folks with hearing loss who also face a higher chance of cognitive struggles and dementia can cut those risks by fixing it with a hearing aid.

That’s likely because losing key senses like sight and sound does two things to you.

On the outside, it causes you to practically go into hiding. Folks who can’t see or hear start to withdraw and stay in. They get out less and are less active — Magoo barely drives anymore — and that social disengagement is a known risk factor for cognitive decline.

And on the inside, when one of the senses goes numb, the part of the brain that handles it goes dark right along with it. There’s a “use it or lose it” thing going on… and if you DON’T use it, you WILL lose it.

If there’s any good news, it’s the problems with your up-close vision don’t seem to be an issue, at least as far as your brain’s concerned.

Only the distance stuff. Unfortunately, that’s also the most common form of vision loss, especially in seniors… and maybe even you.

Don’t be like Magoo. Get checked, get fixed, and — if you need them — get the darned glasses already.

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