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What to do before ANY medical procedure

I can’t tell you how much time and effort I put into buying a new TV. I spent WEEKS shopping around and reading reviews.

Crazy? Maybe. But if I’m going to sink that kind of cash into something I’ll be staring at every day, you can bet the cable bill I’m going to make sure I do my homework.

I want the right model… I want good customer service… and most importantly, I DON’T want some slick-talking salesmen to squeeze and extra $50 out of me for something I don’t want or need.

Why am I talking about TVs?

Because it’s time to put the same effort into choosing your medical procedures as you do shopping for Labor Day doorbusters!

A new study finds that most folks never bother to shop around when they need specialized care, such as surgery or some other procedure.

More than half of adults say they don’t know what their out-of-pocket costs are going to be when they go in for a treatment. They have no clue at all — and while almost ALL of them say the price is important, almost NONE of them attempt to find out!

Just 13 percent try to predict what their costs will be, but even most of them don’t take it to the next level and shop around.

Only 3 percent of patients get quotes and compare prices. The rest — a full 97 percent of patients — don’t even bother.

The doctor just tells them what they need, and then they get it.

Maybe they get it from their own doc there in his clinic, or a practice working alongside him… or maybe they simply accept his referral as gospel and go see whoever he recommends.

But that’s exactly what you SHOULDN’T do!

Whether it’s something minor like skin tags or hemorrhoids or something more serious like surgery on your back or joints, the prices you’ll pay out of pocket — even with decent insurance — can vary dramatically.

And if you don’t shop around, that could cost you hundreds — maybe even THOUSANDS — of dollars!

Why let that cash slip out of your bank account if you don’t have to? That money could pay for your next TV, so treat medical services at least as seriously as buying appliances.

Do your homework. Make some calls. And shop around to make sure you score the best price you can. (Some places will even cut you a deal, but only if you ask.)

If you’re willing to shop around for a TV, make sure you do that same for medical procedures. It’s much more important.

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