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How to BLOCK a top cause of disability and death

There was a time when you might’ve given some of those pro wrestlers a run for the money.

Today, you can get winded just watching them on TV!

None of us are as strong as we used to be… and none of us like to admit it, either.

But you don’t have to turn softer than Anderson Cooper, either. You can stay rough, tough, and ready to rumble — even if your actual rumbling days are long behind you.

The secret? Take action NOW… before it’s too late!

New research reveals one of the biggest causes of frailty, and it’s not your age.

It’s that many people are too proud to seek help and admit they’re turning weak — and that sets them on a path toward the rapid decline in everything that marks frailty.

Your muscles start to shrivel like an old prune. As you lose strength, your energy fizzles out like your phone at the end of the day and you suffer from life-sapping, body-wrecking fatigue.

Forget going out on the town. You can barely get out on the patio!

The loss of strength and energy is only the beginning. Frailty is often the start of a descent into both physical AND mental decline that can lead to crippling disability, loss of independence, and even dementia.

You can stop this ugly cycle before it starts — but the new study shows how it can only happen if you’re honest with yourself and admit you’re slipping.

If you spend too much time sailing down the river of denial, you can watch life as you know it float away for good.

The new study urges seniors to take action fast, and that’s good.

But then it flies off the rails, because pretty much the only recommendation the researchers behind it can come up with is the usual blah-blah-blah about getting more exercise.


You can’t torture away the frailty. Sure, you need to stay active, but you also need to give your body what it needs to stay strong.

That means protein — and plenty of it — and possibly some muscle-boosting creatine. Just don’t gobble down the stuff used by neckless body builders, but get a formula aimed at seniors instead.

And whatever you do, don’t forget that one of the top causes of frailty isn’t age… or even food.

It’s MEDS!

Usually, it’s not a single drug but the combined weight of taking a bunch at once, especially if you’re taking five or more drugs each day.

If you’re swallowing pills by the fistful, speak with a doc about which ones you might not need and which ones can be swapped for safe and natural options.

You’d be surprised at how often you can reduce or eliminate your meds just for asking, so call his office and arrange that chat ASAP.

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