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Yes, you can CURE the common cold!

Autumn must be approaching. I’ve already seen my first “scientists are close to a cure for the common cold” story of the year!

A new five-year study finds that humans and animals alike come fully stocked with disease-fighting peptides right out of the box.

These peptides can attack and kill the virus behind the common cold.

The only reason you get sick is that you don’t have enough of these peptides to send to the scene of the crime.

In lab experiments, however, researchers were able launch wave after wave of the peptides into lung cells infected with the rhinovirus responsible for the cold.

Sure enough, they went after the virus hard, attacking it and wiping out the infection.

Did I mention that they spent FIVE YEARS on this? FIVE YEARS… and all they have to show for it is something they say might be turned into a drug someday.

But you don’t need a drug, and you certainly don’t have to wait for “someday.”

Both vitamin C and zinc can ease the symptoms, reduce the severity, and take DAYS off the length of your illness (a.k.a. CURE the cold).

The reason neither of these cures get much attention — on their own or together — is that there’s about a dozen WRONG ways to take them and only one right one.

Here’s one wrong way to take them: a low dose, once a day. That’s not going to cut it when it comes to fighting off a virus.

But too much C or zinc will leave you battling some serious diarrhea, so taking as much as you can, all at once… or taking high doses of one or both of them all day long…

will only leave you leaking from both ends!

The one RIGHT way is to take smaller doses throughout the day. There are lozenges you can suck on that’ll give you about what you need, if you follow the instructions. If you eat

them all day like cough drops, well, keep the toilet stocked with reading material. You’ll need it.

If you have an especially nasty cold or flu and want to break out the big guns, visit the doctor for some intravenous vitamin C, which bypasses the stomach and goes right into

the blood.

You’ll get the results… without the runs.

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