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This all-natural cure can KILL cancer cells

There’s a cancer cure staring us right in the face, my friend — but you can bet an orange grove that Big Pharma won’t be looking into it anytime soon.

There is ZERO chance anyone will ever get rich off vitamin C, so the pill-pushing fat-cats who run those companies have ZERO interest in putting even the slightest bit of effort

into studying it!

But now, a crack team of scientists at a leading cancer institute has done what the drug industry won’t.

They’ve put together a REAL test of vitamin C in mice to show it can help wipe out a deadly cancer that 1.3 million Americans are living with right now.

This common nutrient can completely disarm the disease, wiping out the stem cells that allow it to grow.

And that, my friend, could mean even the mainstream is getting ready to admit that vitamin C can cure cancer!

The study focused on blood cancers, using mice specifically bred to have the disease.

Like many humans with leukemia, these mice were engineered to be low in an enzyme called TET2, which tells blood stem cells all about the ol’ circle of life. When TET2 is around,

the cells are created… they do their jobs… and then they die.

Without TET2, they become practically immortal and start multiplying like bunnies in spring.

That out-of-control growth is the very definition of cancer.

But once the mice were pumped full of TET2-boosting vitamin C, those cells got just the kick in the stem they needed: They learned to DIE on schedule.

That BLOCKS the growth and STOPS the progression of the disease!

The vitamin C did the trick entirely on its own, but it worked even better when combined with certain meds.

Naturally, the researchers aren’t about to get anyone’s hopes up yet. They want to do more studies on mixing different treatment combos and eventually move on to human trials.

That’s science, and science is slower than my aunt when she gets out her checkbook in the supermarket line.

If you’ve got cancer, you can’t wait around for them to get their act together on this. You need to cash your checks NOW, while you still can — and fortunately, you can get

vitamin C therapy right now if you know where to look.

The only way to get the blood levels of C needed to fight cancer is with intravenous therapy from a naturopathic medical doctor.

I’m not done with vitamin C yet. Later today, I’ll have the scoop on a benefit that’s almost as miraculous.

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