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Is your shampoo killing your sex life?

Guys, have you ever seen a commercial more ridiculous than the ones for shampoos, body washes, and deodorants?

They make it seem like a quick shower with their heavily scented, chemical-laced gunk will turn an Ordinary Joe into a fragrant Casanova.

Well, friend, I can’t tell you if women really are attracted to a guy who smells like he fell into a vat at Yankee Candle.

But I can tell you something else. Even if it works as advertised… even if you smell so good that you end up with a gal on each arm and two more chasing you… don’t expect to

actually be able to take it to the next level, if you know what I mean.

New research shows how using those scents could be a devil’s bargain. They can ROB you of everything that makes you a man — and that includes the ability to “do it.”

Most of those things use a set of chemicals called parabens. They’re supposed to act as preservatives, but they also pack a slew of risks for men and women alike.

And, as the new study shows, there’s one risk that’s murder on guys.

These chemicals are like RAID for testosterone: When it’s in your body, it kills your manly hormones DEAD.

That, in turn, can cause your libido to sink… along with your actual physical ability to get it on.

To cap it off, the same study finds parabens will turn your sperm into tiny mutants. It’ll leave them misshapen and lazy — and if they ever found an egg, they probably wouldn’t

know what to do with it.

If you’re well past baby-making age, there’s still another big concern here: You don’t just need testosterone for the bedroom.

Your HEART needs it, too… and when it doesn’t get the right levels, you’ll face major risks… up to and including death.

Of course, the mainstream will tell you the answer is to switch to “paraben-free” stuff, and those options are certainly out there. But there’s no guarantee they’ll be any


It’s like the BPA-free products everyone keeps switching to, where the new chemicals they’re now using in the plastics could be just as bad and maybe even worse.

You’ve got two choices here.

You can use this as an excuse to go au natural and never shower again. Of course, it’ll ruin your love life and probably the rest of your social life, but you won’t be exposed to

parabens or any other chemicals.

Or you can go back to basics with some natural soaps, shampoos, and deodorants.

You’ll have to attract the ladies with your charming personality instead of your chemically enhanced super-scent… but you can handle that, right?

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