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This new study will really get your goat!

The other day, I clicked on the TV and saw a news report — an actual NEWS report — about something called “goat yoga.”

It’s not some wild name for one of those kooky poses.

It’s actual goats “doing” yoga, or at least climbing on top of people while they do yoga. (For you city slickers, a goat will climb pretty much anything.)

I’ll admit it’s cute. Who doesn’t like goats?

But let me tell you what REALLY gets my goat: Yoga gets to enjoy an endless stream of positive press, while any science showing the very real risk of injury gets flat-out


That’s baaaaaaaad news… no matter how you look at it.

The same week of the goat yoga story, TWO studies came out on yoga. One found it can supposedly treat depression. The other found it’s hurting far more people than anyone has

ever let on.

Which one did the media focus on?

Well, the goat yoga got all the initial attention, of course. But right after that came headlines on yoga and depression.

And, sure, the analysis of a bunch of studies found that doing yoga — goats optional — can ease the blues, even serious cases.

But if you’re depressed, don’t sign up for those expensive classes yet!

Here’s what they WON’T tell you: Any activity at all, even a daily walk, will help ease depression.

Studies show simple activity of almost ANY kind is such an effective mood-booster that it works as well as or even better than common antidepressant drugs.

Going for a walk counts, it won’t cost you a penny, and — unless you get rammed by a passing goat — there’s zero risk of injury.

You can’t say the same for yoga, as the study that ISN’T getting attention finds those pricey classes can hurt more than just your bank account.

They can hurt YOU!

While some people claim yoga eases pain a little, the new study finds that isn’t true for everyone.

More than 1 in 5 say yoga actually makes their muscle or joint pain WORSE!

And more than 10 percent of those who try yoga for pain relief actually end up with brand-new pains, usually right in those spots strained by the torturous poses: hands, wrists,

elbows, and shoulders.

Just like you don’t need yoga for depression, you don’t need to turn to these goofy stretches for pain relief, either.

You can try plain old basic stretching — on your own, with or without goats — or drug-free treatments such as chiropractic, massage, and acupuncture.

And for some instant relief from life’s everyday aches and pains, try Soothanol XL, made by my friends and affiliates at NorthStar Nutritionals. Just a drop or two will ease your sore spots — even the ones that are more stubborn than an old goat.

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