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OUTRAGE! Women tricked into needless mammograms

It’s an old salesman’s motto: There’s no better customer than the one you already have.

And ladies, if you’ve ever had breast cancer, YOU’RE that customer — at least as far as your doctor is concerned!

New research reveals the ugly truth about how docs manipulate women who’ve survived breast cancer.

They’ll keep pushing and pushing and pushing you into tests and treatments you don’t need… for a “disease” you don’t even have anymore.

And they’ll of course use the fact that you’re afraid the cancer will return to keep you coming back for more mammograms — but it turns out, in many cases, you DON’T actually

need them.

This isn’t a matter of opinion.

This is SCIENCE, which proves the scans do zip for older women. Yet as the new study shows, bill-padding crooks are pushing them anyway — and they’re not just squeezing in a few

extra mammograms here and there.

They’re squishing and zapping EVERY BOOB they can, including those of women who clearly DON’T need the scans!

There are different standards pushed by different groups on how and when to end mammograms. But most agree on one thing: There IS a time when you no longer need them.

This study used life expectancy, which is pretty solid. Why treat a tumor if you’ll almost certainly die of something ELSE first?

They found that TWO-THIRDS of older breast cancer survivors with a life expectancy of 10 years or less had mammograms within the past year.

That’s already bad.

But then this gets a whole lot worse… because almost as many women with a life expectancy of just five years or less are also getting screened.

The study finds nearly 60 PERCENT have had a mammogram within the past year, despite the fact that there’s almost zero chance it will ever help them.

If anything, it’ll probably hurt — because breast cancer screening can lead to breast cancer TREATMENT, which can be more like a punishment at that age with toxic drugs and

painful surgeries.

It’s not just cancer survivors who need to watch out for this mammo-scam, by the way.

Any woman over 70 needs to think twice — because a 2013 study found that while screening older women leads to more cancers found and more treatments, it DOESN’T lead to fewer


It just leads to endless misery, forcing women to struggle with the life-sapping side effects of those unnecessary treatments.

In some cases, those treatments could be more likely to kill you than the cancer itself!

If your doc is pushing for tests and screenings, push back. Sure, it might turn out you need some extra attention, especially if you’re facing an unusual risk of an aggressive

tumor. But don’t just accept it on his say-so.

Ask why… ask what your other options are… and never be afraid to seek a second opinion.

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