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The 100% natural way to defeat depression

I’m not about to turn this thing into Sesame Street, but if you’re down in the dumps… if you’re battling serious depression…. If you’re singing the BLUES…

Then this CURE is brought to you by the letter B!

It’s not just that “B” is conveniently the first letter in “blues.”

It’s also the name of a whole line of vitamins that most folks — especially older Americans — are missing out on.

Now, the latest research shows how if you’re falling short in the Bs, you could be singing the blues yourself. That means the REAL answer to depression for millions of Americans isn’t in the brain-scrambling happy pills docs are pushing like they’re making commission.

It’s in the simple B vitamins you can get for pennies a day!

After looking across the range of B vitamins, the researchers zeroed in on four of them in particular: B1, B2, B6, and B12.

If you’re low in any, some, or ALL of them, you could end up with a low mood to match — and not just because of the important role they play inside your gourd.

Throughout your body, the B vitamins help keep your immune response humming and inflammation under control — two systems that are slammed when you’re down in the dumps.

It ends up being a nasty old vicious cycle.

When your B levels drop, your immune system goes haywire and inflammation rises, which triggers depression (among other things). That depression, in turn, triggers more inflammation and a new set of immune system issues.

And that makes you even MORE depressed!

While all of those Bs can play a role in this cycle, there’s one that stands above the rest.

It’s the King of the Bs: vitamin B12.

The analysis finds that many people who are depressed have low B12… and that raising those B12 levels often eases the depression.

They claim that the trail ends there and that they need to see more research to say for sure if B12 supplements can really, truly cure depression.


That’s the equivalent of researchers putting their hands out. They no doubt would just love to be the ones to do that “more research” and collect the fat grants that come along with getting the gig.

More power to them if they get it, but you don’t need to wait for them to keep publishing papers.

If you’re facing depression and can’t quite figure out why, you can see the results for yourself right now. Get your mitts on either a B12 supplement or a decent B complex with high levels of B12.

Speak to a doc for the dose that’s right for you.

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